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I received my call up papers last week although it seems my work in their wisdom have decided that they are going to contest.....I am very disappointed on a number of things but mainly because they are contradicting the own company policy on supporting the reserve forces, and they really don't have a genuine case. Personally I don't think they have a chance as its a global company and I am small fish. I hope that the Adjudication Officer will see that this is the case and tell my company where to go!

I was wondering if anyone out there has been a similar situation and what the outcome was?
I have heard that 87% of employer appeals are successful.

The MOD don't want to / can't afford to / upset employers.



Lets face it its hardly a national emergency going to fight two seperate wars with only a couple of brigades is it?
87% that's a lot higher than I thought!
This is really annoying as I think this is really an unjustified appeal. Regardless if its a national emergency or not there is obviously a need for me to be mobilised. My beef is that it is not going to have a noticeable impact on the company and given that there is financial assistance any impact should be minimal
It should stand by what it says when I joined "Supports volunteer and reserve forces"
i was told if your employer appeals the MOD wont contest it. there are always other men available who's employers wont appeal.

remember fella the order of priorities family, civi job, then TA.

if you dont have a family to support and dont value your job then go for it. I for one would advise you to focus on your civi job there will always be other tours
Yea thats the problem the job is worth keeping although should they get it their way.....I will try and find a job that is true to its word a "support"!

Its more of a point principle now :evil:

If I was on the sick it would be tolerated

If I were pregnant it would be accepted
Don't let them make you pregnant Chewy...
Life is too short to let nobs like these push you around.

I'm not saying sack it, but it's obviously bothering you, so why not shop around for a new job whilst staying with your old one.

-edit- I've just re-read your post and I see that's exactly what you are doing, good for you mate.
Try calling your regional Sabre rep (contact numbers on on sabre's website). I've known a couple of cases where ours has helped persuade employers to release people.
chewbacca said:
87% that's a lot higher than I thought!
Lower than I thought, does the figure include the period of compulsary mobilisations.

Chewie, didn't you ask your boss before you applied? I reckon your on thin ice if your boss works out you volunteered
I've recently found out that one of the directors of the organisation I work for is in the TA. I've arranged a small meeting with him just to find out how my employer stands with regards to TA service (as I'm fairly new) and how they have reacted when he has mobilised in the past. Should be an interesting fact finding mission.

I asked my boss at my interview however he wasn't sure of the answers because he had never dealt with members of the TA before. However getting answers from someone near the top and in a similiar position should uncover answers that the admin guys will take forever to find out.
Is he senior in TA rank or not GT? Could be interesting if he's a lance jack and you're a local unpaid Brigadier...
Not sure yet Cuddles. Wrong to assume, but I'm going to until proven otherwise, that he is an Officer of some sort. He speaks a bit "faw faw faw" so evidence is pointing in that direction :)

The boss being a lower rank than the subordinate though is quite a common thing. One of the recruits I have just taken through 1A training is the supervisor of my SSM in civi job.
Yes, I have tried to keep my boss up to date as it became evident that my name had gone forward.

I think possible a contributing factor is that there has been a management change from when I started talking about it.
Anyhow the good news is that after much communication and negotiation they have decided to let me go! wow 8O
I received my call up papers and after the initial shock ( as I had been told I was not going ) gave the letter to my line managers boss. He discussed it with his manager and a letter of exemption was put in. After not getting much information from the TA regarding the correct procedure to follow I then contacted SABRE ( very helpful ) then contacted the Hospital Trust Board and explained the situation to them. Lo and Behold they said my manager shouldnt and couldnt object as the Hospital supported the TA fully. I have now contacted APC Glasgow to say that the Hospital will withdraw the exemption letter and I can go. Hopefully, things will now proceed smoothly.......I didnt realise just how serious the Army took exemption requests from employers.

I think the use of the words 'them', 'they' and 'it' say it all really.

If that's your attitude to your employer (i.e. on one side of a fence) then it's hardly surprising that the decision initially went the way it did. Forcing their hands now may not be a great move which is why most employer appeals succeed - the MOD is not interested in stirring up antipathy between an employer and the employee. Civvy work takes primacy.

I hope for your sake that when you return, your 'job that's worth keeping' has been kept.

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