Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Nailjuice, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. This has been confirmed as a realease for late 2009, this game is probably not even halfway developed and it's already a candidate for game of the year in my book. How can it possibly get any better than the original modern warfare?

    Which weapons would you like to see them include in the game and why?
  2. Sorry to piss on your chips but it was announced at the end of November. Plus you're not even sure if development has even started and you think it will be game of the year?

    A jedi you must be. Or Mystic fucking Meg.
  3. I couldn't see a post for it so thought I'd give my tuppence worth... I'll just crawl back ito my hole!

    If you cross my palm with silver I'll tell you about grand theft auto 8... :)
  4. GTA is a bunch of arrse, couldn't get on with it myself. Never bothered to complete a single game ever since the original. Not quite sure why I bothered to buy it.

    Wish I had more time to play on COD:WW.
  5. I bought GTA for the PS3 but after several hours I returned it, it's extremly repetitive and without cheats it's too hard, with cheats it's no fun as it's so easy.

    COD WAW is fantastic, they have a bonus multiplayer level when you complete the game.

    Even though I don't know what stage development is at for MW 2, I'm still extremly excited about it.
  6. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I thought WaW was awful..

    I only rented it for the 360, but the gameplay was utter shite imo.

    Even on the 3rd hardest difficulty setting it was easy.

    I'll admit, the ideas were original; I liked the Catalina level.

    But the fact that they stole a whole scene out of Enemy at the Gates just took the biscuit..

    COD4 was amazing though!

    They should have a British Inf character.. They had a US Marine last time and Brit SF, so they could swap it round..?
  7. I'm not surprised to hear that, perhaps it's an acquired taste. In fairness the WW2 computer game is rather saturated already so it's difficult to stand out from the rest, I thought they did a good job, the graphics were exceptional on a HD tv, add in the surround sound, the decent variation in weapons and the above average gameplay and one has a pretty decent game.

    A lot of people compare it to COD MW, it's like comparing FIFA to PES, some will love it but other hate it!

    I'd like to see a sniper rifle introduced to COD MW2! Also top marks for the idea about British infantry soldier.
  8. cod:mw already had a .50 cal sniper rifle
  9. *edit* .50 cal sniper rifle with a silencer
  10. How about multiple attachments ? So you could have a red dot sight but also a UGL ?
  11. i want to see the SA80 :)
  12. I would like to see that sort of thing implemented for banging up the prestige levels (I kicked the arse out of COD4 multiplayer).

    A red dotted silenced m16 would be FTW.

    More customisation for multiplayer charcacters would be nice too.....get a certain amount of exp in multiplayer and you can get different looking kit for your character,berets,shoulder flashes,DPM type ect.

    Different ammo like tracer or AP too.(fecking choppers).

    Oh and its time for the GPMG to get in on it.
  13. well i have a mate, who is currently making a mod for cod4 (pc users only) which was given to activision to look at, and it was so good, that if they sort out the little problems they might use it as a official mod or even a expansion patch

    this includes
    -tanks in cod4, vehicles
    -more weopans, and knives
    -more maps (map size of battlefield 2. aka massive)
    -with more perks
    -special clothing (one of them being borat mankini)
    -more special killstreak awards, like dogs, nuke (which kills everyone on the map including you), a controlable AC-130 which is controled by you, and more.

    the one big problem is though however...
    even though it works absolute perfectly
    .....its about 30-40GB in size :O

    and this is all true as well, my mate in the USA is apart of a group of 21 guys trying to make this.
  14. Yawn. I forget BF2 maps are so big compared to OF or ARMA maps......
  15. I'm still trying to get to the extraction point on Modern Warfare on the sniper level where you crawl in with Silenced pistol, Silenced rifle, and a Gillie suit, only to use a '50 Cal Barrett to take out the target and then draw attention from a Hind and about 3 million enemy troops.

    Cunting thing.