Call of Duty: Black Ops - about to be shipped

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by viceroy, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. Lads, just got notified by my supplier that shipping is going to take place today. I am really looking forward to the coming weekend, keep fingers crossed. If you want to join, remember to change your clantag to 'BARS', this should be a good one, looks very exciting.

    YouTube - Call of Duty: Black Ops - World Premiere Uncut Trailer
  2. Any chance of a quick reveiw on monday?
  3. I'm heading out at midnight I reckon. No doubt some supermarket will be selling it ridiculously cheap.
  4. I am sure others (BrokenArrow aka theinsanenutter?) will be quicker shipping takes a number of days from the UK and it should be available in shope as of today.
  5. I think Tesco's will be my best bet.
  6. ASDA are flogging it for £36, and they're open 24hrs.
  7. Anyone one that bought Medal of Honor last month and completed it (in about oh...45mins) can get COD for £7.99 when the trade it in at HMV
  8. You say COD, do you mean Black Ops for 7.99£ and MOH Trade-in? I have obviously opened mine, is that offer mentioned online somewhere?
  9. Yes, Black Ops, poster in my two local HMV stores both say that you can part ex MoH and pay £7.99 for Black ops.

    I'm assuming they mean an opened and played!
  10. Tesco, Black ops and 2100 Microsoft points £42.49 Game and enough points for the map packs.
  11. anyone wanna play black ops then add me on xbox live: xViP3RxSNiP3Rx
  12. I'm legging it down ASDA about 6:30am 2morow to get it. Missus ain't gonna be happy for the next few weeks lol :)
  13. Ordered mines from Blockbuster ok paying £42 quid but getting about £25 in vouchers for rentals etc and the nice staff also rung through the pacific for me on their staff acct so got that for £26 on Blu ray
  14. i work at hmv and can confirm, the stores generally open around 8 tommorow although there will be some in the larger cities opening earlier i believe, i have the day off tommorow thank ****.

    i've also had a sneak preview of the game, and having had played a few levels i can confirm its pretty ******* badass!
  15. Just got my copy, and one for my neighbour, from sainsburys. £38 each