Call Of Duty Black ops 2

Has anyone being keeping up to date with the Call of Duty franchise i can't wait for zombies in black ops 2. But i really hate the multiplayer aspect of the game and i think that the Franchise is on a slippery slope what's you views?
I played Black Ops 1 and thought the campaign was quite entertaining. For multiplayer I stick to Battlefield 3. COD seems to be plagued with kids and kids are miniture versions of people and I ******* hate people. Generally I mean.


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Gave up on COD after MW2 multiplayer got overrun with idiots and generally got boring. Blops never appealed as it looked like more of the same, just with a shitter campaign, so I never bought it. Had a stab on my kid brother's PS3 and had it confirmed. Never went with MW3 and don't expect to be paying for another COD for some time. I'll stick to TF2 if I want some fun, and will probably get stuck into Planetside 2 for my more serious FPS action as and when they let me into the sodding beta!


I've been trying to keep up to date with it, but every new video i see of it, i can't help but think it is going to be awful. I'm with many others on here, and stick to Battlefield 3. I may get Medal of Honor, if only just to get a go on the Battlefield 4 Beta.
Serious note. I really enjoyed the multi player BLOPS the campaign was shit mind.

I don't think BLOPS 2 will be that great only because they're rinsing that hole "new age weaponry" shit. But no doubt ill pay for it and play it all like I did with all the other COD games.
The only real fun to be had in BLOPS was zombie mode, which was obscenely enjoyable when you were on a good team that looked after each other and knew how to play. The multiplayer was so incredibly frustrating I had to stop playing it; the whole idea of rewarding kills with perks that allowed easier killing is backwards as far as I'm concerned.
It will be a fairly crappy single player mode and the multi-player will be tiny maze maps that only appeal to the 14 year old run-gun idiots.

MoH will be my cup of tea I think.

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