Call of duty 4

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Punk_trooper, May 10, 2009.

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  1. just been reading up on chernobyl and pripyat and its soooo realistic on the
    ghillie level its untrue, look up pripyat on google earth check out the pics on it and let me know what you think.. honestly if youve played COD4 you'll be blown away by the accuracy!! 8)
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I was just about to start a new COD4 thread, but this'll do nicely.

    I can't do the fecking bonus level on the hardest setting! I must've been through it more than 50 times now and I think I've only ever seen the door to the hostage shootout part twice!

    Does anyone have any tips?

    Currently I'm switching to pistol straight off and capping the first bloke as he comes out the loo, immediately switching the pistol to his Uzi. 70% of the time I can go straight to the next guy dead ahead and pop him, the shimmy right to take out the bloke in the other corridor. If I time that properly I can be lined up to take 3 of the bloke running through the first big door as I move through that conference room bit. Blasting into the first seating area with the Uzi, I drop that in favour of the P90 my third kill dropped (the expanded mag is a must, I reckon, and it's pretty accurate shot from the hip. The reload is slow, though).

    As I move through the bit where the wall blows out I can usually take out 50-80% of the blokes who run down the stairs using the first clip from the P90, and them move up the stairs. This is where it gets hairy, as I can manage the first 3 bloke at the top of the stairs but at that point I'm either short on time, ammo or luck.

    Any time-saving methods on that first section would be nice, or a good method for moving through the upstairs.

  3. i reckon shooting through the walls may speed you up mate, but again its down to luck as to whether you hit any thing!! :p
  4. when they brought the game out part of the sales gimmick was the attention to detail as far as the realistic mapping is concerned. still, if you play it on multiplayer you don't get chance to pay attention to scenery 8O
  5. too true my friend, the game is just the fcuking don, i used to think SOCOM was the best (it is on PSP) but COD4 just blew it away. u signing up 4 service orgimark??
  6. call me thick.....signing up for what service...

    what server do you normally play on?
  7. siging up for the british army lol, im on a ps3, doesnt give me a server option just plants me online! lol
  8. :( signing up for the no. I only have till 2012 to my 22yr point. sorry 8) .

    i play on the pc so i have a multitude of servers to choose from :p
  9. Just got the PS3 online to play, the bo**ocks!

    The last hostage level is all about speed, you need to run and gun then get to cover as soon as you can. The flash bangs are also you friend on this level.

    I'm sure one of the bad guys drops a shotgun on the level, I found picking that up gave me the fire power to get through.

    PSN boardmonkey76.

    Feel free to add.
  10. cooool!!! im gameking1990 (my mates id)
  11. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Oh believe me, I'm running around like no-one's business. My my estimations you can only really stop dead for no more than 15s out of your allocated minute - the rest of it you need to be pushing forward. The problem is that you can't just keep running when there are 5 guys in cover trying to stop you - your team-mates are almost always two steps behind and no use. I also find that flashbangs are more trouble than they're worth in most situations, as it takes to long to reach for the "4" button to throw, and you have to wait for the explosion (and hope you don't blind yourself). I only really use them in the long room where the wall blows out, and the upstairs corridor as you reach the hostage.

    There's definitely plenty of shotguns about, but the mag size is tiny and the reload is horrific. I think tonight I might try ignoring reloads and simply picking up a new weapon every time. The problem with this is that it relies on a) having a suitable weapon in your path so you don't spend time rummaging and b) when you pick it up, it's loaded.

    The most irritating bit is that last run down the corridor - you've got 7 seconds left, you're nearly there... and somehow they managed to squeeze eight people in who all charge at the same time!

    Does anyone know how much COD4 is on Play at the minute? I've only got a dodgy copy so online play is out - and I wouldn't mind a go :) I played my old housemate on his Xbox and, despite insisting he knew the game inside out (and me despising shooters on console) I smashed his pie in. I need a proper challenge!
  12. I seen my son complete this as he runs passed the loo he knifes the sod in in there on the run, then throws a flash bang and then goes to the left hand side of the door and takes them out carry's on through then drops to his knee throws another flash bang then runs forward up the stairs throws another flash bang then starts to take them out on the advance there is a bottle neck of enemy at this point then carries on and there is another sod just as your round the corner then it goes into slow mo and he changes weapon to pistol and you have to take a head shot at the last enemy as he is holding a hostage then out the door freefall game over
  13. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Oh I know that; I can do it on easy and normal, piece of piss. On hard I did it at the second attempt, albeit with 2 seconds to spare. On stupidly difficult mode you get 60 seconds to do the whole lot - and the enemies aren't as squishy or as stupid. You have to be perfect, start to finish, with no unnecessary pauses - I'm just trying to work out a way of streamlining 5s off my current pace.
  14. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I did it!

    I had to look on YouTube for advice, but I finally managed it :D:D
  15. BrunoNoMedals so your up for a name change now lol