Call of duty 4 xbox 360

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got call of duty 4 on the xbox 360 yet? What do you think? kin' unbeliveable, best shoot the ******* up game yet, even better online, but i'm just a big kid at heart . :roll:
  2. fab game, some great fun to be had, as you will find out when you get on the AC130 and watch the scum splatter (i blew up everything in sight for fun) and the mini gun was just a hoot even when the boss is telling you to get out off there. Would recommend it total brill.
  3. yup had great fun on the plane friendly fire my ass! :D
  4. Looking to buy it - is it one of them where you have to complete training missions first or can you get straight on and shoot things?
  5. Played in on shiny new PS3... Amazing - especially in HD... The AC130 Mission is a-mazing...
  6. The training mission is about 5 mins then get stuck in to the action
  7. Ah, now where is my list for Santa.....
  8. you just have to go thru p coy then selection first ...... nah basic moves, killing house then straight in the action!
  9. Its on the list
  10. Ah, now where is my list for Santa.....[/quote]

    I would not be waiting for santa, tell yourself you need it NOW. Xmas is far to far away.
  11. My list is being processed for end of week shopping :)
  12. Am looking at Amazon but they charging £40, anyone get it cheaper elsewhere?
  13. ditto. thought my ps3 was a bit of a waste of cash until i played this. best game out just now.
  14. I got it for £30 on PC, its that good im having flashbacks!
  15. was a couple of quid cheaper in tesco when i saw it the other night, but only a couple.