Call Of Duty 4 Multiplayer Problems

Has anyone had any issues running the above on multiplayer? My PS3 freezes when I try to run it, leaving me no option other than to hard reset the console. I understand that it may be something to do with the firmware update (which is current) but I don't know how, if at all to over come it....?
Hi Mate,

It will not allow you to even play the game if you don't have the lastest ps firmware, so I doubt this is the issue... How far do you get exactly and can you play other online games?
I get to the MP screen, then any option I select will freeze the console...I get a "downloading game settings" message that will stay there for up to 30 minutes....I think I might just lay it to rest! Funny thing is, it worked the first time, now it has given up. Weird....
Apologies if i had seen it earlier i would have let you know the possible solution! What wireless router are you using? Interested to know if its a certain type that is unable to cope with the workload!
No 2 son caused me endless grief with his damn PS3 in terms of it creating IP conflicts and general aggro on my network.

All sorted by assigning it a fixed IP number and reflashing the router (Linksys) with latest version of firmware.

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