Call of Duty 3 connection problems

Ive been playing COD 3 united offensive on line for about 10 months, no probs, suddenly this week I cant play for more than 2 minutes without getting the 'connection interrupted' message followed by being disconnected from the server.
It happens on both my desk top and my gucci new all singing all dancing XPS lap top, they are both wireless but I also use a cable when playing.

I have contacted Activision and the server and followed all the instructions to combat what they think it is but still no joy! Happens in which ever server I go into for COD 3. Ive switched off the firewall, turned off all background programmes, added COD to my firewall exceptions, looked for new patches etc... is it my crap German internet provider?

Any ideas anyone?

Im looking at having a shot at COD 4 as well, but if this happens with that as well, it wont be worth it.
how did you solve it? is there a website?

I have played online for many years now and I would NEVER play with wireless. I use an ethernet connection and very rarely get disconnected. Sometimes broadband connections have a bad spell for a few days (due to maintenance or whatever i have no idea), and these are minimised by using ethernet because I find you get a better connection. (I'm running 7mbps).

Also check your antivirus hasnt updated the last two days and blocked a port on your router (normally Port 29890). Common problem.
thanks for that I'll give it ago. I usually use the cable, Ive tried playing using wireless but the lag is awful.
Sorry it took so long to get back to you but all i did was google punkbuster and downloaded it, i run it every now and then to check that the Pb is upto date and that normally does the trick.

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