Call-Me-Dave tells the Pakistanis off


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And gives us the Quote of the Year I feel?

British PM tells Pakistan elite: 'Many of your richest people are getting away without paying much tax at all – and that's not fair'

Words? We have a failure occurrence...


But don't worry about it, we'll give you a few million to fill the odd gap in your educational budget so you don't have to dip into the nuck fund. Mans a prick and is leading the conservatives into a hole heap of crap.


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Yes and CMD commits 625 million squid in aid to Pakistan... Why FFS? We dont have that kind of money any more, and I'm sure that if Pakistan can afford nuclear weapons and development of delivery systems then they really dont need aid. Its almost patronising.

We should be saying... Look, we supported you with aid in your earthquake. Blackpool is in a hell of a state after (and prob before) their earthquake...


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Call-Me-Dave said:
Britain is responsible for many of the world's historic problems, including the conflict in Kashmir between India and Pakistan, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has declared.
Grommit said:
Getting a job in the City is increasingly down to contacts rather than skills, Nick Clegg claimed today. He was accused of hypocrisy after the Evening Standard revealed he himself had obtained an internship when his father "had a word" with a friend who worked at a Finnish bank.
**** me. This is a government that just keeps on giving, eh?
Hardly a telling off.The rich in the sub continent wish to remain rich,so they send their money abroad-a lot of it to UK!

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