call me cynical but.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. does anybody else feel that the recent awards are a nice way for labour to try and win back the armed forces vote prior to the elections?

    dont get me wrong, those lads are all fully deserving of recognition, as are many others, but I cant help feeling that giving out a vc and such is great press for Herr Blair and his cronies
  2. It will not affect the way I vote by one iota!
    Heroism is heroism, toady politicians are completely another! I would hope the panel agree on this point.
  3. Hmm - they are so wedded to spin that I am suspicious of anything they do
  4. I don't think that the government should have gotten rid of the DCM MM etc. After all these were medals for gallantry on the part of Other Ranks.

    To me it just seems like change for its own sake. It all seems to have gone a bit Septic to me. The ribbon for the CGC looks very like the ribbon for the Silver Star.

    Also the DSO is supposed to able to be awarded to OR's as well now (please correct me if my understanding is wrong) but since the changes they have only ever gone to Officers.

    However, much as I despise Bliar and his band of freeloaders and halfwits, I don't think that the recent award of the VC to Pte Beharry was cheapened any by it being under a Labour Government. The award of the VC to Rambahadur Limbu, in the 60's, during the Borneo campaign, was, IIRC, under a Labour government, yet, no one doubts, he deserved his.
  5. The VC was deserved but others should have got them too, namely the SF who took part in the cave fighting in Afghanistan, they didn't get them, but then again there was no election looming at the time.
  6. I Must admit When the Iraq war started the first thought that popped into my head was how many VC are going to be handed out.

    My next question is Why didn't the other member's of the vehicle crew like the gunner or the comander get medals or VC's? Note: I haven't actualy read an after action report on it, so I have no info.
  7. Not sure term for award of VC is 'handed out' They do not do them as RME.
    Full explanation is all over the place. Do us the favour of reading ( or having read to you) and you will learn something to your advantage.
  8. This was John Major's idea. He failed to make the distinction between the MM and the MC (both for bravery but the latter with an element of exemplary leadership) in spite of having it explained to him by officers and ORs alike.
  9. They were too busy being saved to do anything heroic. The poor sods were unconcious in the back at the time.

    Go read the torygraph 2 page spread. Almost made me cry.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    There is no reason in theory why anyone shouldn't get a DSO. But it is not a gallantry award as such, but an award for outstanding and sustained command of a combat operation (there was briefly a time when DSOs were given for operations in NI, but not for a while now). These criteria tend to rule out more junior ranks.

    Personally I feel that the MC/CGC for all ranks is a good thing as these awarded for specific events. The QGM and GM have always been 'rankless', and they seem to have fulfilled their purpose.
  11. Ok found out what happened... ALL previous coments fully and unquivacbly retracted.

    Thought I was pullign the pin on a grenade when I posted, now I knows I was right.
  12. Chimera, the MC and MM had different criteria thus Major's 'egalitarianist' gesture was misguided. This is what comes of having peacetime politicians!
  13. Two points/questions:

    1. I didnt know that politicians had a say in what medals were given out. :?:

    2. That boy is a fcuking hero, not once but twice! - VC's don't fall out with the Corn Flakes, election year or not.
  14. No, I think they're outside the awards loop itself but they can fiddle with the nature of the medal i.e. abolish it or re-invent a new PC version etc.
  15. There was a couple of section commanders from an infantry regiment out in NI got DSO's for leading their sections against an IRA attack on their base when they returned from their patrols. There was a painting and citations in the conference room at 3BDE when I was at the Sig Sqn in 99