Call me a spoilsport but I’m glad my dad wasn’t a lesbian

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Seconded!

    How is this man pretty much the only one in the whole of media-land (apart from maybe Charlie Brooker) that actually says what everyone is thinking, not what he is meant to say?
  2. "Clarkson wins popular support with Truism Shock"

  3. Clarkson would be an awful PM. Think of all the Guardianistas, out of work with no hope of a real job, all the chavs who'd be made to work for a living, how the armed forces would be given far more money and real respect...

    OK, he's got my vote.
  4. Awsome article,

    why isnt he running for a seat in Parliament?

    i would vote for him
  5. I just caught a rerun of TG (the one with James Clunt in a reasonably priced car) and it said Clarkson is a patron of H4H. Is that right?

    And he absolutely should be PM. He and Phil the Greek are the only two public figures left in the UK who dare say what everyone else would like to.
  6. Yes he is and here is the wiki link

    His father-in-law also won the VC in Operation Market Garden, which he did a brilliant documentary on it called Victoria Cross for Valour.
  7. That was actually one of the better documentaries I have seen. It was quite reflective, thoughtful and yet still loads of fun and delivered with enthusiasm and excitement.

    It was basically a televised version of "Boy's Own"