Call me a cynic, but....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bokkatankie, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Strange isnt it, 17 British Forces die in the last few days.

    Instead of this being real front page news, we are swamped with Blair leadership "leaks".

    Iraq and Afgahnistan removed from front pages by Labour Infighting.

  2. Made the point earlier in the Blair thread Bokkie. Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that. Especially with the reptile Watson involved.
  3. Oh good, I'm not the only one trying to adjust my tinfoil hat then....
  4. Adjust it even further Matelot.......

    Stalin would be proud ;

    That's the Google snapshot as of just now, but click on the link and SHAZAM!!!!

    Now that is just plain fcuking scary. If only other news was updated that fast, like our bloody casualties for example.

    Watson, you are a reptile , you could have taken the time to say "This is what is bloody wrong with Defence", but no , you successfully carried out the bidding of the other familiars. I expect we'll see you 'forgiven' by Blair or his anointed successor very very shortly and back in Government.

    I'm just angry as hell.
  5. So who's this Twigg geezer then? Has he ever served (apart from at McDs, that is)?

  6. PTP, sad thing is that we have had 5 pages of Blair going or not going or who gives a f**k.

    Even ARRSE is relegating the action to the back pages.

    The media of course play right into thier hands, I watched Sky tonight, hours of horseshit from some labour bint nobody knows or cares about (I think she was the Chief Whip) agonising over TBs "problems"

  7. No update on the Watson Blog for something like a fortnight as far as I can see. How very very strange.
  8. And there was me going, 'No it can't be, but when I looked on the BBC Site today seeing the BBC tv news is crap usually goes on about dogs dieing or fat people in the NHS. There it was main page story about Bliar, and the MoD thing just shows that we are living in 1984 the government makes the news happen. The whole government in chaos thing could be to hide the fact that the Afghanistan losses are really getting quite worrying and there is pratically no news of whats going on where are all in the jornos? Oh busy back in West London talking to Lord or Sir whathisface about who's going to lead the Labour party.
  9. Somebody ought to slap Watson for leaving his job as our lads are being killled in Afghanistan.

    He's putting his party before the country.

  10. Its shit. I'm very angry about this - piss is boiling as I type. However, I shall remember this come the next election.

    Is Hackle interested in running for office? I'm serious. Get service voters to register in a marginal and run a Arrse candidate.
  11. i feel i walking on eggshells but the general being ousted is more important than the private getting killed ( and i know that but bliar is not a general, thank god) but i hope you get my point.

    These guys are top of the chain of command and it could possibly change the whole running of running of the country, in news terms those poor guys who lost their lives are not as important. I'm saying this is necessarily right but i believe i am merely stating the facts.
  13. I agree with the general theme this is news management of the worst kind.

    This is why this government is so disliked.
  14. It has continually annoyed me over past few years that the papers think that what posh spice is wearing/macca's divorce is more important to the British people then our lads being killed in Afgan/Iraq.
    They are quick to slate us on the front pages but when one of us is killed it is printed on p.14!!

    Does my head in!

    And don't me started on Blair!!!!