Call for sparkle

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Proximo, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone settle a discussion we had yesterday in the bar?

    'Call for sparkle' - what does it mean to you chaps?

  2. Thought so - I win.
  3. [​IMG]

    Hello Zero this is C44a Contact Contact...... send sparkles the big fat fcuking fairy over..

    :D :D :D
  4. I'd run! Hell of a reserve force!
  5. Hey, that's my daughter-in-law you're talking about! On second thoughts, the one in the pic is far too slim.
  6. Darth you should know that one . Rope , Snake , Sparkle. Clear Live !!!
  7. Thanks to everyone who PM'd me about this.

    Just to clarify - I already know what this term means - Jungly answered this thread in the spirit it was intended.

    The discussion at the bar was whether such knowledge should be openly cast around - clearly it shouldn't - hence I won the free beers thanks to Jungly.

    Cheers all! :D
  8. Can someone who knows these things evaluate whether "the enemy" (who he?) or non UKEYES already knows what 'sparkle' is, the benefit of their not knowing or the likelyhood that the posting on here, and the way in which it was answered, has increased their interest so they will now move heaven and earth to find out?

    If it helps, I only ever got cleared to Radcliffe IV. Therefore OPSEC is not a familiar world for me anyway.
  9. Sorry, i must get my eyes tested, i thought you wrote "call for Sparkie" and here i am.

  10. And mighty appreciative we are to have you here. Welcome :lol:
  11. Your welcome and thankyou

  12. I thought it said 'Call for Sprinkle' so I Immediatly thought of this web site, err I mean I found this one when I googled sprinkle to see what it meant...Sprinkles

    Not safe for work, (well depends where you work really)
  13. Whoever they are I'm sure thay have google too: