Call for Jamming Mobile Phones in Prison

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. There has been a call for the jamming of mobile phones in prison's Link but at a cost of £250k per prison the Government does not want to do it and is instead bringing yet more laws to combat it.

    Personally I think jamming the phones would be a good thing and the cost is not that great considering the other shite they waste money on.
  2. Or you could just take their mobile phones away and it would cost nothing.
  3. Considering the amount the sleazy Labour pigs put on expenses, the amount per nick is chickenfeed.
  4. Agreed. Bearing in mind the prisons are full to the rafters and we are turning convicted criminals loose as we have no beds for them, what's the point of criminalising possesion of these phones and keeping in people who would otherwise be released. We have the technology, we'd only waste it on MP's duckponds and subsidised resturants so we might as well use it.
  5. I think I read that it costs £500 per week to house/feed/guard a prisoner so frankly it sounds like about **** all given the prison population.
  6. There is 136 prisons in the UK so it would cost £34 million to buy the kit to jam mobiles, which could stop a large amount of crime being committed in the first place.

    They keep trying to stop phones from being smuggled in but are unsuccessful, so surely this would be the way forward. If the phone won't work demand will cease.
  7. Problem is, some bright spark inmate and some bright spark lawyer would soon start bleating that searching for them would be against individuals' human rights...
  8. Instead of jamming the network with all it's accompanying costs and legal difficulties how about installing these.

    Every time it goes off then the guards go and search everyones cell until a phone is found.
  9. My two local prisons, Craiginches (Aberdeen) and Peterhead are both built of solid granite. I would be amazed if an inmate could get a sigmal inside the buildings!!

    I actually find it pretty unbelievable that inmates are allowed phones in the first place..and TV's, Radios, and water!!

    But hey ho, better to have them in a nice warm cell with all the benefits than have them wandering the streets :roll:
  10. Relocate the prisons to Warminster. No fecking chance of a signal.
  11. Well - if they are the same model as fitted in one MOD building I used to frequent, they aren't very effective, either failing to detect mobiles or alarming when no mobile is present.

  12. we had a demo in blanford once and they jammer wasnt big or expensive according to the DS
  13. I'm sure you'd be willing to take one for the team on this Jarrod ;)
  14. The only problem with that is that they would have to be quite numerous to cover the whole prison. Plus once the inmates found one I am sure it wouldn't be on the wall very long.

    The system they are proposing would cover the whole site not just sections of it.