Call for amnesty for 500,000 illegal immigrants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex-Grenadier, May 7, 2007.

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  1. The Roman Catholic leader in England & Wales, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor is calling for an amnesty of illegal immigrants that would allow half a million to stay in the country. More details can be found in today's Online Daily Mail.

    I fear his Eminence is as lacking in judgement regarding an amnesty for illegal immigrants as his predecessors were in protecting paedophile priests. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
  2. The US tried an amnesty for illegals a few years back. It resulted in the numbers of illegals doubling. It doesnt solve the problem, just invites more problems.
  3. And they all have jobs to go to.

    In the mail today they claim Britain is threatened by 'an Army of the Unemployable'

    Not surprised if they allow more and more people in.
    Mail today
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    "predecessors" :?
  5. If they're illegal, then they shouldn't be here. As charity begins at home and the Roman Catholic Church wants to help, let them help by moving them to the home of the Catholic Church :- The Vatican City, where they can be a drain on the Church's resources.
  6. Is that not the point. If they allow them in, the church will get funding from the government to help them support them.
    Just as the Muslim religion is given £10s of millions to educate British schools on Islam.

    Religion is the biggest racket going, a bit like Al Capone, America's best known gangster, looking for any cheap trick to make money.
  7. Perhaps we should look at what he actually said:

    Seems reasonable enough.
  8. The problem is what are the rights of someone who breaks the law, knows they are breaking the law and continues to break the law?

    They should have the right to be rounded up and deported.
  9. Taking his Eminence's words at their face value, this seems an entirely reasonable plea to bring overdue, correct status and legal position to hordes whom this government has neglectfully allow to enter the UK by irregular channels.

    It will, if effective, be to the good of the immigrants, the country and us all.

    But I somehow can't see this govt. doing it effectively.
  10. If they are here illegally, how the f**k do they contribute to our economy, they pay no tax or no national insurance due to no documentation, but get free medical aid for themselves and schooling for their kids. Some contribution.
  11. It helps our economy as people are being recruited and jobs are being created to chase them down.

    If we didn't have the Illegals, those people jobs created to chase the Illegals down, would be on state benefit.

    It's Called Labour economics.
  12. d_s is right! It let's the world know that not only do they think we're a soft touch, but that we think we're a soft touch too!
  13. Steven has summed it up well. The section of his Eminence's statement I've highlighted, demonstrates his total lack of judgement to which I referred in my original posting. What he's said is not unlike the recent case of a burglar who sued the property holder under Health & Safety law because he'd slipped on the draining board and injured himself whilst gaining entry through the kitchen window he'd smashed. Total madness. To have Bliar and his cohorts in charge is like putting the inmates in charge of the psychiatric hospital.
  14. Give 'em the chance to come forward.... if they aren't worthy, then they can be sent home. If they are true asylum seekers or useful we will keep them. And forgive and forget their passport faux pas.

    The rest can go... including all the criminals we seem to attract.
  15. If this goes through I presume every other criminal will be demanding their rights , I got away with it for a couple of years therefore I should have an amnesty like the illegal immigrants