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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by nottotouchtheearth, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Just posting this thread to start a discussion about how shocking the life of a call centre agent is. I work in a call centre at moment waiting patiently for my phase 1 training to start in January, god im so F**ing bored.

    Im sick of having to solve/not solve queries from a bunch of idiots who confuse service with being civil

    Sick of being told off by some by spotty kid on how to answer a telephone.

    Sick of all the call centre spleel words such as empathy, sympathy, assertiveness etc . .

    Sick of saying the same crap every minute of every day

    Anyone else been in the same boat.............
  2. Bore off.......
  3. It's a job isn't it! Stop feckin' moaning and either get on with it or change your situation 8O
  4. And you think Army life is any different...

    Bored of being f@cked from piller to post.

    Bored of being told to hurry up only to spend hours sitting around once you get there.

    Bored of endless drill because one of your oppo's is crap at it whilst the rest of you are ok.

    Bored of being marched up to the top of the hill and mached back down again by some Rupert with 6 weeks service under his belt.

    Bored of endless hours sat around on your arse waiting for something to happen...

    But then again, it not all bad ;)
  5. Yous missed my point, my fault should have explained it better. looking foreward to army life, thats why my situation is about to change.
  6. Bet you cant wait to start your life of kayaking, mountain climbing , hang gliding and endless adventure eh!

    No more being sick of anything, im sure you will love every minute of it.

    Oh and your sick of being told how to answer a phone by a spotty kid? Stand by for being told how to wash yourself, wear your clothes, stand up properly and all sorts of other pearls of wisdom by spotty kids!!
  7. Never a truer word spoken :roll: :lol:
  8. Yep im prepared for that i will respect them they have gained their rank for a reason.
  9. 11 years and I got kayaking, well, up sh1t creek without a paddle too many times to remember, mountain climbing, well, having to climb my way above all the bullsh1t and duties, hang gliding, well, hanging around waiting for something to happen and adventure..well, it was always an adventure at meal times, wondering what it was you where eating ;)

    Seriously though, good luck :)
  10. Fcuk me sideways re reading my post and I sound a real bitter negative wnaker!!

    Its not all bad, some bits were cool, mostly the drunk bits!!!

    Have fun
  11. yep im looking foreward to it 31 years old been in some shocking boring jobs as you heard from my rant earlier, cant wait to get outside and splutter me gutts out cant wait
  12. Which regt are you joining?
  13. I'm working in a circus as well. Lack of management, no incentive to bother going in, lack of staff the staff that do show any commitment are expected to cover cover and cover.

    Ha, i just switch off when i goto work now knowing It's only til April ish. I'm glad these part time jobs I've had are coming to an end and I've paid my due's whatever that saying is :)
  14. royal signals -

    Just a quick question after signals school phase 2 where would you likely be posted, know thats a bit of a hows lons a peice of string question............
  15. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

    Don't India have their own army?