Call 911 when Pizzas late??

Some daft old bat in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA where else) was arrested for calling 911 for the emergency services 20 times in 38 minutes because her Pizza wasn't delivered on time.

You'd have thought she'd know better at her age but it does go to show that some people do need a 'reality check' every now and again. If you class your Pizza not being deliverd is so much of an emergency, life can't really be all that bad eh?

Link to BBC Report here
Somewhere in West London in 1993. Our hero is on patrol, on the lookout for evil-doers and mountebanks of every description...

"Pc 123, can you attend 20 Acacia Avenue and speak to Mrs. Miggins?"

"Why?" I reply.

"She has found a wasp's nest in her garden."


"Well, she wants police to attend."



"Exactly. She should call the council, or a pest control company."

Seriously, this happens all the time. The 999 call room staff are pretty switched on but some of the civilians working in local CAD rooms can engage mouth before the brain has kicked in.

So, this controller has already incurred my wrath. The next week I'm on night duty. It's 23:00 and my turbo-charged metro panda is parked up on a disqualified driver (also a wife-beating POS) I'd been after for weeks, and whom I know is about to barrel out of the pub half cut.

"123, can you attend 2 Rosebud Lane?"

(sigh) "Yes, what's the call?"

"Mrs. Smith has found a stag beetle in her kitchen and she's scared."

"No. I'm not."


"I'm scared of stag beetles too."

I got pulled up for that by the sergeant believe it or not. I've seen BT cut people off for repeatedly calling police stations. Most of them are pretty tragic people with mental health problems.


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