Californian will trade for REME Brains.

Discussion in 'REME' started by California_Tanker, May 7, 2011.

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  1. I have it on some authority that on occasion, REME mechs go on holiday, and sometimes they come to San Francisco.

    OK, here's the spiel.

    You may have gathered from the A-Frame thread that we have a small collection of British-built toys in the garage. We're looking to start to breathe new life into them, but frankly, we're more enthusiastic than we are capable. We need learning. In exchange for wasting a day of your holliers with us helping us out (Do REME work whilst on vacation? I know, it counters the point of the vacation), the volunteer would be in a position to claim, for some examples, dinner, local knowledge, beer, freebie tour of the museum, and maybe some other things like a range trip, flight over the Bay, whatever we can work out. You might also gain the company of one of our staff who has an English accent and keeps wearing RTR shirts.

    The toys vary in age, so even if you're 90 odd years old, if you can remember your way around a MkVI light's engine compartment, it could be handy. Supposedly, all the vehicles were in a running condition when they were parked, so in theory, we're just looking at troubleshooting and cleaning, not major depot-level repair work. Catch is that some of them have been parked a decade or two, so the troubleshooting might be beyond us non-mechanics. We're looking to start with the small stuff, the CVR(T)s and Ferret, but if the others are just minor issues, what the heck.

    To give you an idea.
    Mk VI
    Matilda II
    Universal Carrier/LP2
    Centurion Mk 5/1, Mk13, ARV
    Chieftain Mk6, Mk11, CHARRV
    Scorpion, Striker, Samson
    FV432, 438
    Ferret, (Mk2 I think)
    Saracen command, APC
    Tracked Rapier
    Maybe one or two others which elude me. I don't think any of these have operated in the last decade, except Toad (2008 ), but they've almost all been kept indoors.

    So if you, or one of your REME brethren, are coming over this way and willing to help out (or just want to tour the museum), drop me a PM.


  2. Sorry I can't help you, but I know some people who can
  3. send an email to the reme wksp in batus, canada, not only serving guys out there but plenty of ex settled around there. I know there's a few in vancover as well. worth a shot!! (the guys i know were mechs on cent,chiefty and chally ARRV's as well as the normal stuff)
  4. CT
    Owing to all our recent now own more armour than we do.
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