California--Is it a great state or what?

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. [video=youtube;_wElqMl5TJM][/video]
  2. And sadly, in my state, Massachusetts, under Gov Deval Patrick, similar things occur although it is not quite as bad as California.
    It makes me so very proud that they keep increasing the taxes I pay to support this!!!!
  3. To answer the question in the thread Having lived here for 20 years I can say it has been in steady decline and has now reached the point were we are looking at other options. The video is $5 billion short on the actual deficit and there is not a politician in the state with the balls to do what is needed. Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona are all looking quite good to me just now.
  4. Colonel,

    As a Californiana, born and raised here for the past 46 yrs, I'll tell you what I tell everyone else: The 40+ years of socialism in this state has ruined it. California USED to be the greatest state in the union; now, it is nothing but a drain on society. The free entitlement programs, for illegal aliens, welfare recepients, and you name it, you can get free money from the state, has ruined it.

    I just don't understand the people in this state. They complain about the state and city employees (too which I am one) and the great retirement packages (they are). However, Jerry Brown was the person in charge of this state and the person who implemented these retirement programs. And these liberals just re-elected him governor again!!!

    I used to love this state and, it has alot of redeeming values. However, with what is going on around the world, even the people in the UK are finally realizing they cannot go on and on spending other peoples money, I cannot wait to retire and get out of here.
  5. California Pension Reform's 'The CalPERS 100K Club'

    This is a very depressing link for anyone paying taxes in California. These aren't pensions, these are salaries for life!

    I might come back after the inevitable bankruptcy but I doubt it. The population has, we are told, increased by 30%
    since I got here. I'm looking forward to moving now, preferably to a state with fewer people than the county I now live in!
  6. You have a valid point and as of now, I do not know. I have a rather sizable 401k which will assist me and I can always get another job. For now, people of my tenure seem to be ok. It's people coming into the system which are going to get hammered. Of course, that could all change.

    I could marry some English bird and go on the dole in the UK
  7. Oh. One more thing: the deficit is 26 BILLION, not 19.
  8. Dont go there, its just as bad or worse, i'm trying to get into the USA (Florida) perhaps we can find some way to swap!
  9. Chump change old son compared to the federal one-I understand they are trying to come up with a new "illion" term to follow trillion.
  10. Everything south of Sacramento is lost anyway; they ought to give it back to the Indians if they can find any to give it back to. At least we won't have to listen to the Queen of Mean in the new Congress.

  11. I wonder what kind of airplane she will get from our masters?
  12. I wonder what the rest of country is going to say when Moonbeam asks them to bail us out. Its going to happen. California is going to become the next "Too Big To Fail." This is going to be interesting.
  13. Very insightful. Ahnald already set the stage so we can but wonder how much more your new Flower Child guvn'r will try to spread the pain nationwide.
  14. I seem to remember that Jerry Brown ran in the Democratic primaries for President in 1980. He was, of course, turned down like a rug. He came to speak at Madison, WI, a noted hotbed of liberal views (Home of the University of Wisconsin) but somebody screwed up his television appearance. He had the State Capitol growing out of his head, his speech dubbed (badly) into Spanish, etc. I never laughed so hard in my life. Perhaps an advance party "rat ******" for the Great Communicator, Ronald Magnus Reagan "helped" Jerry's campaign people tweak his television persona. :p :p


    Jerry Brown showed good taste in dating Linda Ronstadt when she was young and pretty, but I don't think he had the brains that God gave a slug (sorry Sluggy) he never proposed a law or a government agency that actually helped California.

    (Too bad about the so-called "Governator". He made such a great speech at the 2004 Republican Convention.)

  15. The minor difference is that it is illegal for a state to run on a deficit, they are not allowed to print money like the feds. Except now they refer to it as quantitative easing. Therefore the deficit impacts harder on the states than the feds since the states can't (supposedly) ignore the deficit.