Calgary and Alberta floods

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Guns, Jun 22, 2013.

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    BBC News - Canada floods: Three killed as waters threaten Calgary

    Awful news and I know of at least one poster on here that lives there (hope you are OK). Have managed to contact all most of my friends over there and only one has been affected so far.

    I hear that even Medicine Hat has been hit.

    I know a lot of you Army lot spend time over there and thought some would like to know how bad it is.
  2. My thoughts are with friends who are affected - it looks like they've lost their home.
  3. Courtesy of my daughter who lives there and luckily is unaffected except the son in law can't get to work.

    The Calgary Stampede is due to start in 2 weeks.

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  4. Apparently the water is up as high as the twelfth row of seats inside the Saddle Dome, that's where the executive boxes are so they may get their arses wet when the stadium is reopened for the Stampede. LOL

    Seriously though, the last time they had a major flood in Calgary was in 2005 but this one makes that look like a damp day in April. It's all over the news here 24/7. I'm glad I live in SW Ontario at a height of 500 metres above sea level. We only have to deal with humidity as a result of living in The Great Lakes basin. Speakin' of which, it's supposed to be up in the mid 30'sC with the humidity making it feel like the mid 40's next week. Thank God for a/c
  5. I'm good thanks mate. Our gaff is on the ridge way above the river in our town. We've got a family of our friends affected by the floods in town staying at ours while we're out of town.

    Here's whats left of the railway bridge in town. They destroyed the span in a controlled manner as the foundations have been weakened.


    I'm down in Idaho where mrs T_SG is doing the ironman triathlon so missed it all. Had a bunch of calls asking me to go into work and I've heard of blokes working 41 of 44 hours.

    The town of high river has, by all accounts, been pretty much wiped out.

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  6. That'll definitely still happen. Nothing's allowed to interfere with the stampede. The committee holds a lot of power in the city.

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  7. 129424-grafton-floods.jpg

    Floods are a mongrel of a thing. Here's some shots of my home town at the start of the year. The worst floods in years.

    The pub pictured is where my little lady and I stay when we are in town. There's a motel section just on the other side of the picture where I took a couple of snaps for the self taken thread. In the aerial shot, the submerged island can clearly be seen left of the bridge. The pub is to the right of the island. Funny how I only mentioned this flood yesterday....

    Stay safe people!
  8. Just on the news here, Medicine Hat has had a bit of a reprieve in that the waters are now not due to hit there until Monday morning, at which time they expect to see 6000 cubic metres/second flowing down the river. When that hits there'll be a sh!tload of damage but at least the delay has given them the chance to build up some sort of sandbag defences around some of the city.
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  9. Bone question - is this purely from rain or something else (melt off from the mountains, buggered dam, etc etc)
  10. Guns

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    Rain on top of the melt run off from the Rockies.
  11. Guns

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    And before anyone starts up with Climate Change - the only reason this is news is because Calgary and the surrounding areas are, in terms of history, very new to the area. Before any big floods would not have had much to destroy.

    This is one of those one and hundred years event. It's going to happen but its frequency is not regular enough to register.
  12. I think that attitude is part of the problem. The fact is that although it's true that cases of flooding as bad as this are rare, the area does have a history of minor flooding, due to spring run off, so people become used to the idea that there could be a little bit of flooding and so don't take it very seriously. The last major one they had was back in 2005 so they likely reckoned they wouldn't have another like that for perhaps 50yrs or so. WRONG, here we are 8 yrs later and "Holy Sh!t where did that come from!"

    L.A used to have similar floods then they got smart and built a huge drainage system and diverted the river through it.That's the huge concrete ditch you often see on car chases through LA in the movies.

    It could be that it's time the city of Calgary and elsewhere along Alberta's river systems consider doing something similar. I guess they'd need help from the province and perhaps the federal government but hey, what's all that oil money there for. If, like in L A, it's only needed to prevent things like this once in a while, surely it would be worth it when compared to what this flood is costing the city, the province the insurance companies (for those with flood insurance) and most of all, the people.