Calf strain?

Ok first arrse popping cherry post after lurking here for a while. Had (RN) fitness test some months ago, opted for 1.5 mile, and did suprisingly well such that started running fairly regularly. All going well until bang massive pull in calf. Acted sensibly, laid off running etc and rested for a month or so then started running again. Fifth run in, feeling good, and it goes again. This time I give it two months of rest and try again. I think you can guess what happens next. Once again on fifth or sixth run I pull it again and end up walking back to the house trying not to cry. I know the answer sickbay will give me, ie rest for three months and try again or give up running (physios seem to be a bit thin on the ground round here, so not an option I'll be given) but running is something that I like and it's about the only thing that keeps the weight off. So I'd be really grateful for any suggestions as to how I can keep running and avoid turning into another fat manking matelot!

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