Calf problem

Dear all

My general rehab is going quite well, but I've just hit a problem - about two weeks ago, I bought a new pair of running shoes. So comfortable were they, that didn't stop to stretch after a few minutes, and proceeded to run about 4 miles in place of my usual 1.5.

Misery ensued, with a stiff and aching calf muscle. Since then I have been out twice, and done some hill walking and plenty of stretches - the walking was fine, and a week off seemed to have sorted everything out.

Now, properly stretched I went out to run this morning, and my upper calf is still gripping me badly. I stopped, stretched again, walked a bit, ran a bit, then stretched and deep-heated - but as I sit here I know there's a problem.

Anyone have any good ideas? If not, I'll just cart myself off to sick parade...
That's what I did although my calf aches from ankle to knee, as though it's just one "strand" of the muscle. I've been trying to avoid overdoing it since so my training plan has gone to rot. I'm going to do a hill walk tomorrow though so we'll see how I get on. Still no word from the physio.
I'd strongly recommend a visit to a sports injury therapist. Deep tissue massage on the calf is painful as hell, but within 2 or 3 sessions, you should be right as rain! I waited 3 months before I decided to get it looked at by one, but he sorted it in less than a week!!!


same as soozi i did the belfast marathon this year and did picked up a calf injury the last4 miles or so seen a sports injury guy and was back running 2 weeks later get it seen to bit of sports massage on it or it WILL keep coming back
Let me echo the advice "get a sports massage".. it has saved my alot of greif of many many occasions where physio has done absolutely nothing. Try it.

Thanks guys. I'll look about for one and get it sorted.
Said this before in another thread but if you are in the North West I know a guy who is brilliant and very decently priced.

Maybe I'm just lucky but I very rarely stretch properly (ie, I only ever stretch when it's part of a unit PT session) and the closest I have ever come to being injured was a strain injury to my ankle when I used an unfamilar pedal system on a hotel gym bike on holiday.

I cycle between 250 and 400 miles every week (including some very high intensity/resistance power and speed intervals) and run at least 3 times per week for between 30 mins and an hour each. However, my running shoes are custom fitted, as are all of my training and race bikes (I also spin at 100rpm+ rather than churn big gears on my bike).

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