CALF muscles are killing me!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by monkey_wench, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. I have only recently started doing a strict fitness regime. I am on week 3 of main programme. When I first started jogging...I had no pain in calfs. I changed my trainers about week 1-2 and first time I wore them I was in agony with calfs on a 2.5 mile run.

    So...I reverted back to my old trainers. I went running with these but still the pain was there. It happened again today and yesterday. I don't want it to start putting me off running as I need to do it and I enjoy it. I can cope with my lungs feeling they want to burst or feeling the need to puke as I push through that...but the calfs are driving me insane!

    I asked a PTI, he rekons going to running shop for analysis. However I know it will help for other reasons but I dont think it will stop calf pain??

    IMPORTANT PART- I used to be a sprinter. When I run quick (interval trg)or sprint I dont have a drama. PFT best effort pace does not effect me either. It is a steady pace jog (60-70%) that makes them hurt. I think its lactic acid??

    Does anyone know how to get rid of it or will it go in time? Any advice/experience is great.

    I have tried reps on steps going from tip toe to pushing heel down which KILLS when I do this.

    Also, Im female, 23, of athletic build. Been out of hard phys on reg basis for a while.

    Cheers in advance guys!
  2. Are you warming up and stretching out properly?
    Do you massage your calves?
    Are you hydrated enough before these runs?
    Do you take multi vitamins?
    Perhaps you are overdoing things and should ease back a little. Pushing through the pain has its place but perhaps you might listen a little more closely to what your body is telling you at this stage.
    Just an idea
  3. Would lots of tippy-toes stretching help? Yeah I know that sounds gay, sorry.
  4. If you find out, do let me know. I've been trying hamstring stretches lately but I'm at a loss as to what the problem really is.
  5. Sounds like a problem I was having when I increased my mileage on the roads.

    1st of all get the right trainers.

    Don't go to JJB's as the staff there are only used to selling the newest, bounciest, trainers to the fashion conscious chav.

    Try a specialist running shop and get them to look at your running style. you might have to endure a few shuttles with a trouser leg rolled up in the street outside but they'll make sure you get the right ones.

    This sorted my problem out straight away as I was running on neutral trainers when I needed motion control shoes (as my feet flap like Pingu's)

    2nd, make sure you're well hydrated before you start, consider using an electrolyte drink like GO electrolyte from SIS

    3rd make sure you stretch before and after your run.
  6. As people have already stated, your choice of running shoe is first priority. Asics work best for me, but have a running gait analysis carried out at your local professional running shop (not a sports shop!!)

    A. Proper running shoes, specifically chosen for your footstrike, weight and type of running (is cross country, road, sprinting etc)
    B. Sorbothane or similar shock absorbing insoles
    C. Hydrate well and take on carbs a few hours prior to running (I find I cramp up if Im really tired and running on empty)
    D. Warm up - gentle stretch - 2nd warm up - run
    E. A long period of stretching off after a warm down.

    Personally, I stretch all muscle groups after a run then at the very end I give my calf muscles an extra stretch.

    To do this use a set of stairs. Place your feet together and with the ball of your foot that your stretching on the edge of the step, hang your heel off the end, pushing it down towards the ground. This increases the stretch massively and really squeezes all that built up lactic acid out!!

    Do both legs individually, then both at the same time and see how you go. Any dramas PM me.
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    OP, I had bad pain in my calfs, and I found that stretching them for a minute 4 times a day eliminated the problem. Also, hold each stretch when you cool down for a minute, just to be on the safe side.
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