Calf Injury

Whilst doing one of my runs normally an 8 miler at the 7.5 mile point I pulled up suddenly with a sharp pain in my calf, It was so painful I had to limp home the 0.5 mile.Im 37 and normally run 3 to 4 times a week.
I had stretched before I ran but I was wearing brand new running shoes which in esssence were very comfortable and light i did not take any water with me and I was running on grass for a mile or 2.
My questions are how can I tell how sever the injury is wether its a bad sprian a partial tear ?Whats the treatment required I iced it as soon as I got in 15 mins on the injury direct and 2 hours later another 15 mins then bed.
Also how long is the rehabilitation period and can I do anything in the mean time to stop my fitness levels dropping.Also is there anything I can do to stop it happening again.
Im off to a regiment insight this weekend and theres a bit of phys involved.

Thanks Guys


I sent this quite early this morning
Long and short of it is by now it should at least begin to start feeling better. If you are still getting localised tenderness in and around your calf muscle you will need to stop your phys and bite the bullet and see an MO.
Without being able to assess your leg its difficult to say what the treatment and rehab would be but would suggest that you get yourself checked over by your own MO ASAP. From your account it does sound that perhaps you have torn a muscle but without being able to view said leg any form of diagnosis is impossible.

See your MO and push for physio if you can get it they are the best people in this field and will be much better than your MO at treating and diagnosing your complaint.

Last bit of advice if your hell bent on doing your phys crack on but if it hurts stop!!!!

All the best


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