Calendar Programs

I wonder, does anyone know of a decent calendar/organiser program, as Windows Calendar is ****! Preferably opensource/free!
Used to use Outlook as it merged well with my email, contacts etc.

But changed laptop and no longer have full office or Outlook - and not going to pay the silly money Bill Gates wants for them either.

But as I use Firefox as a browser I downloaded the Thunderbird email program by the same people (Mozilla) - there is a very handy add-on for T/bird which basically gives it a calendar, tasks/to-do lists etc... Very similar to Outlook.

Now I just use that.

However, if you want it to synch to a mobile, or PDA then you MIGHT be shit out of luck as they tend to be set up to synch with Windows mainstream utilities. The Thunderbird one does - I believe - synch with Nokia mobiles (or can be set-up to do so), dont know about the others.

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