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Calendar News - The Men of Worth Project 11th November 2010

Hi Everyone.

The Men of Worth Project will be featured on the ITV Yorkshire Breakfast News at 8.10 am tomorrow (11th November) and the Calendar News at 6.00 pm in the evening tomorrow. This is a local war memorial research project I've been working on for the last nine or ten years.

Along with several members of the Great War Forum, I helped to find Samuel (Harry) Lund (RAMC) who died as a result of the sinking of the torpedoed hospital ship HMHS Glenart Castle in February 1918.
Mona Townson (Harry's Great Niece) will be laying a wreath for him on the Sutton in Craven War Memorial, which will also be filmed for Calendar News on Sunday 14th November as part of their Remembrance Day commemorations.

Please take a look if you get the time as it's a great story and a great success for the project as it shows what we can do with a little help.

Kind regards,
Cheers, It will be a 2.5 minute slot, which in TV terms is excellent for the project.
Mona has lived just a few miles from Sutton War Memorial all her life (she's 80) and didn't even know Harry was on that memorial. About 8 members of the Lund family attended this morning and Mona laid a wreath along with children from the local primary school who come every year to represent their village on 11/11 (and of course they are delighted to be on TV tonight!).
For Mona it was a very emotional time but she's delighted with the outcome. For the project, you just can't buy this kind of exposure. (although of course, that's not why we do it).

Harry's memorial page on the project is here if anyone would like to see more about him. He's just one of hundreds of local men and women that we're researching. Ours is just a small project, one of many around the country.

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