Cake or Death?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by g2_loony_bin, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Cake or Death?
  2. Cake, cake and then some! You're a long time dead!
  3. eh? is there some hidden agenda here?
    if not then cake, infact cake anyway.
  4. Death, cake is for poofs!
  5. What sort of cake?
  6. I'm sorry, we've run out of cake. We only had two pieces, we weren't expecting such a rush!
  7. Any sort of cake.

    Any sort of death as well...
  8. There speaks a fat man in a thin man's body!
  9. Cake, cos 'let them eat Death' sounds so aggressive...
  10. But equally, "Cake or Glory" sounds a bit like BBC's or Irish Doris's family motto
  11. Compromise? Death by cake?
  12. Cake..... I think....... cos a Death and Arrse party doesn't sound that good to me.

    Now, a cake and arrse party, that's my kind of night out.
  13. Imagine the American Marie Atoinette film that's coming up.

    Loads of peasants at the gate, Marie looking over them, an aide comes to her and says "The peasants are hungry, they have no bread Mi'lady."

    She ponders this for but a moment and then hoists a bren gun to her hip,

    "Then let them eat death", she opens fire into the crowd while Motorhead's "Eat the Rich" or "Killed by Death" plays over the gunfire.
  14. Nope, a thin man in a thin mans body. No part of my body has ever been inside that of another man.

    When did you ever see Steve McQueen, John Wayne, Burt Lancaster or Charles Bronson tucking into a fondant fancy? answer, NEVER, because they were'nt poofs.
  15. I think they must have had some cake BEFORE they died though, at least once.