Cake from St Omer for the formation of the RLC

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by homicidal_bob, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. Bit of an odd question, but does any of the chefs in here have a photo of the cake that was in the corridor between the A Sqn lines to K1 that was made for the formation of the RLC?

    If you do and you dont mind, would you be able to pm me a copy of it?


  2. On a visit to Sloppy Towers (bless' em) for scran in mid 70's, their concourse was full of icing type creations in glass cases , sugar Ammo boots with laces, caskets, boxes, and later, Percy Sugden 's photo, alomg with Monty himself having visited. We took the rise out of the cooks, but the scran was pretty good in K1/K2, always, and on a fairly low budget.

    Also , crowds of apprentices in tw@t hats and BD's getting beasted , hats flying everywhere. We wouldn't have lasted a week 8O

    Would have liked to have seen that RLC Cake. All things considered...those instructors and ACC people were pretty impressive then. But that drill...feck that.

    Civvy catering, PAYD, anyone?

    O, and sorry, no I don't have a photo. :oops:

  3. I remember all those icing decorations in the concourse. I used to have pictures of them, but they have gotten lost in the numerous moves that I have done since being at Slop Towers.
  4. Yeah, here you go.

  5. Thanks Spaz. Thats great. :D

  6. Oooo was that it? really? very nice 8O

    Was it?