Cake Eating Germans prepare to wag finger at Zimbabwae....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by In-Limbo, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. In a stunning act, Ms Merkel decided to do the unmentionable and chastise Doc Rob Nut Jobs personal record on human rights abuses as he continues to tear the arrse out of his slag hole of a country:

    In a carefully orchestrated response from the pen of Mug's-Babies propaganda minister, Merkel is just a Nazi.

    I find it most bemusing that 'several African leaders' suggest that Merkel, and by inference Europe, is out of touch with the 'current political climate' - what with it being one of the "rule of law by machete wielding animals" engaged in the routine self buggery and slaughter of their own nations and people, then yes I guess we are out of touch with that.

    We continually get the blame for Slavery even though it was us and our lot that ended it; but doesn't it ever sink in that the slavers in Africa were and in fact still are - black? And that they needed no so called 'imperialist interference' then or now to engage in their 'ancestral hobby'?
  2. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    90% of black africa-and 100% of Zimbabwe is a total waste of space and should NOT receive a penny in aid.

    The 2 Irish oxygen theives Geldork and Bonehead(both tax dodgers) should be totally ostricised and their pleas to further fund the kleptomaniac dictators of Africa ignored.

    As for Mc gestapo Broon giving untold billions to them,he should be shot.
  3. Where is the Afrika Korps when you need them eh?
  4. "She should shut up on Zimbabwe or ship out. President Mugabe is no doubt an indisputable icon of African nationalism, a pan-African, a revolutionary and liberator of Zimbabwe together with the late Dr Joshua Nkomo.

    "He has attended the summit in his own right as a statesman of repute. At the summit he has taken centre stage, making some of the European heads of governments and his detractors, including Angela Merkel, look like dwarfs."

    Germany, he said, had no business discussing Zimbabwe and should have stuck to the agreed principle of the summit.

    "Zimbabwe is not a colony of Germany. This is racism of the first order by the German head of state," he said.

    Not bad coming from someone who's own Racist policies have turned Zimbabwe from a flourishing economy to a 4th World Country which cannot even feed it's citizens. Rampant inflation, the clearance of the slums and the oppresion of political opposition does ring a bell of being associated with Fascists and Nazis does it not.

    As usual Zimbabwe uses the international stage to justify the existence of a corrupt dictator trying to masquerade as a legitimate political leader.

  5. Shurley we have a spare Polaris about to time expire?
  6. Beats me wasn't it Zambia that cleared out Idi Amin. Why the f*** they don't do it to Mugarsehole is a complete mystery. The breadbasket of africa is now full of severed heads.

    I know it sounds racist. But how come whatever european nation has granted independence to one if it's colonies. The natives go native and start killing each other.

    When you look at it Africa has been ablaze for the past 50 years. The colonial masters might have ruled with a heavy hand but at least you could visit without some bugger trying to use your scrotum for a tobbaco bag
  7. Not so. Our former colonies in the Far East, Hong Kong, Singapore etc are world leaders in terms of economic development. India's catching up fast.

    In fact, our former colony that is now known as the United States of America has the world's most successful economy.

    It only seems to be Africa that can't adapt to self-rule, even those parts of Africa that are rich in natural resources.
  8. Whilst good old British civil service cock-ups are partly to blame for the situation in Iraq etc (deciding that it would be a good idea to create a country out of lots of different religious and ethnic groups who can't stand each other and would like nothing more than to slot the other lot) I can't see how we could take the blame for a lot of the african problems in the same way.
  9. There's a couple of very good reasons for all of that, expounded at length in a number of works over the past couple of decades as the various crises in sub-saharan Africa show more and more evidence of patterns of systemic failure. I won't go into it all here as, although I'm a fully-developed racialist and quite happy to discuss that viewpoint, some might take offence.

    You could try Robert Guest's "The Shackled Continent" for starters. ( ...and I note that Geldof has written a review of it on Amazon's site, saying: 'An excellent book. Timely, provocative, written throughout with a passion for Africa and Africans.' - which proves to me that Geldof either didn't read the thing or is too stupid to understand what was concluded.)
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    To be fair the Germans short and very violent colonial history was marred by the savagery (even by those period standards ) of the way it put down the Hereros revolt in German SW Africa. On the other side of the coin they were fondly remembered in east Africa and I suspect respected for the way in which they conducted the fight against us.
    Time for the Africans to sort out their own mess and us to stop putting money into swiss accounts of murderers.
  11. To be fair, those areas had already well-developed social systems when we came along, in most cases older than our own. The could easily revert to self-rule when the time came as the habit was there, albeit a bit rusty. Africa never developed much beyond the agrarian economy - in some cases not much beyond tribal hunter-gatherer. Hardly surprising their instincts seem to lean towards politics-by-machete when things start going bad.

    African nations have been free of colonial government for decades, now. In some cases they've been independant for almost as long as they were actually colonised. It's time to stop blaming the nasty Europeans for the sicknesses afflicting their nations.
  12. :D Yes to the second bit but I'm afraid not much of the first. In Bagamoyo, which was the German administrative headquarters, there's a famous tree which was used to string up anybody who so much as answered back; they weren't of a particularly tolerant nature, and the tales of their unforgiving ways are still told there. Von Lettow Vorbeck was highly respected, but wasn't really the archetypal German Colonist.
  13. You're not for escalation then?
  14. Not sure I agree. Without the White influence Africa never even developed basic agrarian skills. That is why the farms in Zimbo are in a sh*t state now.
  15. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    You might want to look at Belgian rule in the Belgian Congo. Although the bugger likely to use your scotum for anything would have been Belgian.

    And there are havens of relative calm and democaracy in Africa - Ghana, some of the French colonies.