Cake and Eat it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. MP's show their true colours.

    So they're quite happy to gather information on all of our whereabouts, our Identity and our movements, but once someone starts abusing their information they don't like it.

    Fecking hypocrites...

    MPs claims 'on sale for £300,000'

    Sir Stuart Bell: "We will get to the bottom of it"

    Details of MPs' expenses receipts are being offered for sale for up to £300,000, it has been claimed.

    Labour MP Sir Stuart Bell, who sits on the Speaker's Commons Estimates Committee, told the BBC the committee was investigating the reports.

    Sir Stuart said the claims of about 650 MPs are thought to have been for BBC News Story
  2. Yep… major investigation ongoing, moving heaven and hell to find the source.

    Funny that, a bad minded person might think they had something to hide. :twisted:
  3. Has this been leaked somewhere? I''ve noticed a couple of posters quoting expenses in more detail than I normally expect.

    Here is the BBC link to the theft/sale story

    Would the information being out in the public result is a full disclosure to avoid the drip drip of embarassing claims?
  4. If there is to be a witch hunt as MP's are getting a little uptight about their expenses being exposed should we all help out the individual who is doing the leaking by deploying the SPARTACUS defence just to make it clear to the MP's where our sympathies lare.

    So I will start it off

    I am trying to sell the details of MP's expenses for £300,000.

    If I get really brave I might even send Sir Stuart Bell an e-mail to this effect.
  5. No i'm SPARTACUS!

    What a good idea me thinks.
  6. I'm putting them on Ebay, highest bidder wins...!

    At least some cnut is selling it, our's was just lost on a fecking train...