Caithness Casting Call - Sais need not apply


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ye'll have had yer tea?

Here y'go people of the far frozen Norf:

Casting call for Caithness film
Budding actors in Caithness could get a part in the film.

Big Box Network is looking for acting talent to star in its new movie The Game which is due to start filming in Caithness at the end of the year. Casting calls will be held on Saturday, October 27 in the Norseman Hotel on Riverside, Wick between 9.30am and noon, and in the Environmental Research Institute in Castle Street, Thurso between 1pm and 4pm.

For more information visit the Big Box Network website.
...which, for the hard of hearing, can be found via this handy dandy linkette : :: bigbox :: producing, making and promoting films

- Tell them Mister Mushroom Head sent you .....

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