Cairns, port douglas, far north queensland piss up

Any arse creatures in the vicinity in the next month. I've found myself swinging a leg till endish of march

Thats australia to the untravelled ingnoranti of the forum:)
**** me life is complicated enough, i'm always getting told tall stories, don't need to go out searching for them :)

Having said that is she tidy and tight of slit


I'm in Brisbane. North QLD is too ******* hot and muggy. If you get to brissy let us know there's a couple of us here.

Mark The Convict

G'day gimp, I'm in Brisbane as well. I stay away from FNQ, stinking hot and too many of my barking mad pub-owning rellies up there. Not quite Deliverance material, but close enough.
Well, i'm due in brisbane to see my uber hot cousin, not sure when but I'll keep you informed, no you can't have a go on her, even though she is actually called kylie
Basially that but brunette :)

Is 1st cousin ******* legal in Australia, where I'm at you'd think its the default setting
Landing brisbane Lunch time got till thursday Am, tuesday is booked up ala family

Wednesday night is a window of opportunity. No idea what or where but will be in brisbane within striking distance of the city all day (wavell heights)
Ok, so is this booze up a goer? Or like most things that occur in this country will it go down the proverbial swany?

Let me know as I am in the west, have uber leave and want something to do :)

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