Caine calls for National Service!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hawk7814, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. From the BBC this morning...

  2. Can I wear me trainers.Them boots is well bad,man.
    Right,when do I get me shooter?
    Why is that bloke shoutin' at me?
    Hey Corp,where the cafeteria?
    You want me to run how far?
    etc etc..........
  3. Good old Sir Michael! Anyone who can walk all the way back from Kafiristan with their mates head in a blanket, and then arrange a huge gold heist in France is obviously nails and worth listening too. :D
  4. No Government has the backbone to bring back National Service & its been debated quite a few times on here with mixed reviews
  5. Or - "You dissin' me?" *adopts gangsta pose* "give me some 'spec' man..."

    *coff coff coff* "where's me fags?"

    Ahhh the youf of today... bless 'em
  6. He probably thinks his National service and combat in Korea count as well.....

  7. The BNP want to bring back national service . As good a reason as any other for not voting for them
  8. The country is too bankrupt even to afford a pair of boots and a set of denims for any National Service types - and Brown will have flogged off most of the defence estate to developers by then, so there'll be no way of housing and training them.....
  9. Never happen, with all due respect to Sir Michael.

    It would be political seppuku, cost far too much and be hugely unpopular with both civilians and Regular soldiers. National Service would only be re-introduced if the country faced an fight for it's very survival. And no matter how the Gub'mint trys to spin Afghanistan, it does not represent a threat to our existance as a nation(the EU probably presents more of a threat in that respect :wink: ).
  10. National service was never about sorting out the yooth of the 1950's, About meeting the commitments of a changing country from Empire to the bag of shat that we are today. Utter rubbish
  11. Has he got a film coming out?
  12. It premiered in September.

    But not a lot of people know that.
  13. Harry Brown. Cain plays an ex-Bootneck who goes Postal when his best mate is killed by Chavs; think Death Wish but with better acting. :) Released on Friday, I believe.

    Looks good. 8)
  14. I was privileged enough to have been able to witness the 'youf of today' in action this summer in Sangin and their conduct was fantastic. If the rest of the nation's youth is half as good as those lads then we'll be OK for a few years yet.