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'Cage' for autistic Nicolson Institute pupil removed

BBC News - 'Cage' for autistic Nicolson Institute pupil removed

An enclosed play area for a teenage pupil with learning difficulties and autism, which was described as a "cage" by his MSP, has been removed.

Now I'm all for individuals getting the chance to go outside and exercise, but this is just sick. An autistic boy was forced into an open cage in order to be "protected"....

.... I thought they'd have used a dog collar on a chain - far more portable and cost effective


It would have been cheaper to tie a helium filled balloon to a manhole cover and watch the poor moonface bob around it like a moth to a flame.
Funds? How much did they raise? 50 quid?
I thought that until I saw they had hoped it would include decking and play equipment. Now either they have totally unrealistic ideas of how much decking and play equipment cost, or they've been seriously robbed, probably by the aforementioned pikeys.
That's a misunderstanding that occurred when his father was heard saying to his mates in the pub "That window-licking little cunt wants decking".


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On a more serious note who in their right mind would think that constituted a safe area for play for any child let alone one with additonal needs.

Someone has planned that, the materials have been approved for purchase and then it's been built.

It's truely disturbing.

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