Cage fighting called to be banned by BMA..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by one_twothree_one, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Well where the hell does this bloody country stop?!? UFC hits the shores this weekend. The BMA are calling for this sport to be banned. I FCUKING LURRVE the UFC and become the "quarter back armchair" every time we sit down and watch. I bet the fcuk, Randy' is spitting fckuing chips....lets all just sit in our own shizit, not be able to go to a range with your chosen weapons, not be able to consume drinks of an alchoholic nature...GOD FORBID, nah clatt on dirty clatts, re-cycle every thing that we purchase, NEVER call on the NHS,...christ we do really live in a commi-dictator fcking country...anyone got tickets for this event? Hope you have a awsome time down there.
  2. BMA - Boring Mindless Arseholes.

    Sums it up for me.
  3. I find this highly amusing since one of the figures I remember reading, admittedly from one of the UFC related people, was that somewhere in the region of ten to twelve people a year involved in professional boxing bouts either die or receive fairly serious brain damage whilst the UFC still has a clean record after a number of years. Personally I say as long as you know what you're stepping into and the organisers have a properly trained referee and medical staff standing by you should be allowed to pretty much do what you want.
  4. well, fuck him too, his boss is a convicted fraudster.
  5. I understood exactly where you were coming from right up to the point where you said......

    At that point I'm afraid you must have switched to a different key setting without telling anyone. :?
  6. That was effectively an unregulated bout from about 10 years ago. That's like saying WBA sanctioned boxing should be banned because someone got killed in a bare-knuckle prize fight in a cellar in Bermondsey.

    However, for REAL Vale Tudo (No Holds Barred) fighting, check out - if the BMA watched this, they might realise how safe promotions like the UFC and K-1 HEROES are.
  7. i have my ticket all ready to go cant wait its goona be outstanding
  8. Haven't the BMA been trying to get boxing banned for years as well.

    If their willing to do it, and its legal and above board then leave them to it. Not my brew of choice but it's not like these guys are forced in there a gun point is it?
  9. I am trying to buy 2 tickets now online, but trying to get one of my skint mates to come with me at the same time...i really fcukin love the ufc!
  10. The Rampage Jackson fight is going to be an interesting one, hes fighting the current pride dual weight champion.
  11. Also one of his best mates, aparently! I would put money on rampage, if you hav'nt seen many of his fights try google video. Awesome fighter! Although Henderson is nails too.
  12. Henderson being an ex olympic wrestler may help him out a little. Is the lad from Blackpool fighting on this one? I watched a documentry about him the other day, allways though he was a pr1ck, but he seems quite grounded.
  13. I love the UFC too, been watching it for years. Its been going since like 93 and has got a clean record, anyone wanting to ban it obviously doesnt understand it, theres lot of skill involved.

    Theres only one fight that Ive seen where I thought the fight should of been stopped sooner, one out of hundreds.

    For anyone who doesnt already know the new Ultimate Fighter is coming on soon (beginning of Oct I think), Matt 'Elbows' Hughes and Serra are the coaches. Few great fights coming up.

    Anyone whos got tickets to O2 dome, hope you have great time, wishing I was there :)