Café press selling pro IRA wares.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CombatStig, May 19, 2011.

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  1. As it says above. Was just having a browse on the porn dispenser this morning looking for some new T-shirts for me weeks holiday locked in me uncles cortina barking at passers by.

    I know people have the glorious right to their own opinions etc but surely people buying the stuff are showing their support for a recognised Terry Wrist organisation.

    Personally I sent a Victor Meldrew Email to complain. It isn't cricket.
  2. Put me down for a tatty balaclava and a some black leather gloves..

    Non story, you can buy the soiled and glans swelling underwear of a child on the internet so I wouldnt get worried about a bit of commerative crockery.

    Besides, the IRA kept you nice and busy, be thankful, a tour got you away from pickling your liver night after night whilst waiting for the red hordes..
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  3. Have they got one of those Barretts going spare?

    Put me down for one of them as the rozzers chopper keeps buzzing my gaff looking for fuck knows what and I think a couple of well placed rounds should put the fuckers off.
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  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Cafe Press will sell anything, as long as they get their cut. Design a T-Shirt, MouseMat, etc, and they produce and sell it.

    Non-story. Anyway, they are septics, so there's money in it for them :)
  5. keep thinking of putting up some of my own "pro ira designs"
    hands up for Gib
    martin and Gerry its not 9 to 5
    Gibraltar you'd rather die than leave
    the futures bright the futures Orange
    2nd place Ulster war-games
    I was an IRA POW Gerry and martin got well paid goverment jobs and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
    Our day will come currently postponed
    IRA be 2nd best
    RIRA back to the 80s
    Cira once more with feeling etc can't see anyone buying them but might just piss off the sort of cunt thtat would buy a ira t-shirt.
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  6. Utterly disgusting and these type of sites should be shut down immediately, could you please list every single one so I can complain.
    Just out of interest what prices do they charge?
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  7. I like Brighton Hippys idea.

    I'm thinking a stadium score board with Loughall ASU 0 - SAS 8.
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  8. I think Brighton Hippy has started a new (and better) thread.

    'We'll never forget you Jimmy Sands' (ok I saw it elsewhere, but it still makes me chuckle)
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  9. Bloody (good laugh) Sunday.

    While I think about it did G-Bomb ever announce a winner for the design a t-shirt competition?
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bobby Sands - "Not Fade Away"...............

    "Armoured Cars and Tanks and Guns, came and took away our Sons" - andgave them all well-paid Government jobs :)
  11. But my favourite would have to be...Do you want a Fish Supper Bobby Sands?
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  12. But I did buy some Pirax oven dishes.
  13. Do you want a pastie supper Bobby Sands, do ya wanna pastie supper..

    Well your not fucking getting one, ya dirty smelly fucker...

    Could ya fit that on a tee-shirt and still present it as marketable?
  14. Loughgall Ambush, the charity single, all proceeds go to the starving.......
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