Has anyone been to caerwent. I am off there for an exercise in a couple of weeks time and would like to know what the area is like so i can pack kit accordingly.

Thanks in Advance (i hope)


Red, I think you might be confused. Caerwent is a flat as a pancake old naval ammo compound, with only 1 small hill at the back of the area. Not quite sure how this makes for a wicked CFT.

Stockton, it is a good area, but navigation is very confusing indeed!
My only experience of that dump is overseeing the culling of about 3000 sheep and lambs that were gamboling around it during the foot and mouth disaster. Suffice to say, its a load of derilict building, full of sheep sh1t.
the ground is generlly very rough between the ammo bunkers, of which there are s###loads, all surrounded by rather high earth banks.
bunnys, sheep & sheep s### abounds.
there is only one safe water point by the main gate & a lot of the buildings have arabic writing on them (useless point there!).
the training areas about 2 km x 4 kms in size, so not very big. surrounded by a high fence & perimiter road. get a proper trg area map before you go if you can.
check that the train system is not active for the time you are there, if so, watch for trains when crossing the tracks.
it is a sh!te hole my unit has been there a couple of times it got nick named the concentration camp avoid the place if at all possible as has been said there is sheep sh!te everywhere and i mean everywhere and some of the grassed areas are out of bounds for some odd reason it rains alot there so avoid it if you can it is depressing i cant slag the place off enough
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