Can any of you lovely, lovely people (note the grovelling) advise on fun things to do on a day trip to Caen. Will have a full day there with toddler (but one who likes guns and warry things).

Was thinking le Memorial and the castle for definite.

Also any tips on decent places for lunch would be much appreciated - toddler is learning French as fast as she possibly can and would love a chance to practice it in a decent cafe.
Its nice for a day out.
Good underground parking in the city centre.
See William the Conqueror's tomb in the Abbeye des Hommes, the Castle is still quite impressive, even though we levelled it in WW2. Its nice to walk along the marina too, some nice boats to look at.
There are some nice cafes near the Castle, next to the medieval tower thingy there.
Not that much from WW2 in Caen itself though. You need to head up to the beaches for that, but really the best blockhouses, etc are on the cliff tops East of Arromanches
The beaches north of Caen are nice too - Utah from D-Day IIRC. Go to Coursulles-sur-Mer on the D12 - nice little restaurants etc there too.
This has been done countless times over. Can you please just search under "Caen" "Normandy" etc, you get the idea. You lazy fecking tit.
Thanks Shandy - that is fantastic advice. If the Abbeye is worth it we will definitely add it to the itinerary - I am trying to limit it to just the best bits as its only for the one day (and I don't want to do what I have done every other trip to France which has involved me grovelling at passport control because I racked up late as I wanted to fit in "just one last visit")
i agree with viceroy. just google 'caen' as arrse has many threads on the place.
Just as well the author did not quote my message he would not have liked what would have 'transpired'.


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Follow the road south east toward Deauville. When you cross the Orne and the Caen Canal, yer at Pegasus Bridge with a museum. If you reach Deauville yer a mong and you've driven dozens of miles too far - it's only a few miles from Caen.
Viceroy, MrDeputy - in case you hadn't noticed I actually asked specifically for tips with a young child (so not a full on war trip) and for a very limited time period. None of the older threads that I could see covered this situation.

ps - Viceroy you even got my sex wrong.
Thanks BtD - will re-think le Memorial then - since 12 hours is all the time we have out there. Possibly Pegasus Bridge instead then, thanks Alien

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