Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jazzy, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. What do you all think? Should some of the troop cadre hang themselves?
  2. daz

    daz LE

    "What do you all think? Should some of the troop cadre hang themselves?"

    :twisted: No, but they should use whining upgraders as livefire :twisted: targets :twisted:

  3. Is the Signals (mainly blandford based) full of weeny assed moaners who dont like to act anything like soldiers, or do as they are expected as soldiers?

    (yes a general statement, it wont apply to everyone)
  4. perhaps not a very worthwhile comment jazzy!!

    it will all blow over soon enough!! just wait for the dust to settle!!!

    just the new bloke stamping his authority!! (although i dont think was very wise for him to go into the blandford camp bar with a load of pissed up pissed off upgraders, to watch the england match!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  5. Jazzy

    Even you must appreciate shit rolls downhill.

    If you were a member of the cadre, how would you do it differenlty?
  6. Dude that is out of order. I've griped and whinged on here as much as anyone but some stuff DOES NOT NEED TO BE SAID. It aint the troop cadre (are we still allowed to call em that or is it duty of care personnel) making decisins. Yes certain individuals need to stop taking so much pleasure in enforcing these orders. (you might have done 10 years we've done 5, who's the stupid one).

    And Daz. i'm a fairly big target but i reckon you aint gonna hit me anyway.
  7. daz

    daz LE


    I'll get me Gnat mate :) , Come on, lets face it, anyone who posts "What do you all think? Should some of the troop cadre hang themselves?" needs to be shot :p

  8. Daz wrote

    Your going to get your small, biting insect? Scary!!! :D
  9. daz

    daz LE


    That's all that's needed mate, well it is tech's we're dealing with teehee :lol:

  10. Come guys the troop cadre are taking a lot of crap here its not their fault that they not only were not bright enough to be techs in the first place but then ended up being so rubbish at a lesser trade they had be posted out of trade to then become bitter at techs progressing along a superior career path.

    Chin up cadre we can't all be awesome can we? :twisted:
  11. After reading the majority of threads on here, it is plain to see that all this moaning is coming from tech's and all the moaning directed at that perticular Sqn. I don't see any of the other Sqn's taking some stick, nor do i hear any complaints from the other upgraders.

    So it seems to me that tech's can't take being told what to do, and that stems from receiving their lance jacks as sprogs and from there on in they think they are gods gift. So do us a favour tech's stop fecking moaning, do your course, open your cornflakes packet and take your 3 stripes then all you have to look forward to is your five year money!!!!!!!!!

    (obviously this does not apply to all of you)
  12. whats the matter nald?

    Upset because it took you twelve years to get to Cpl?

    Still bitter you couldn't be a tech?

    No I bet you are one of those I could have been a tech but I didn't want to, you are I can sense it.

    More likely failed the course or laughed at when you suggested that you would like to be a tech with an IQ of 17 :twisted:
  13. daz

    daz LE


    Seems more like the techs (like you're self ?) seem to be the one's with the attitude problem, lets be honest most of the self righteous whining has been for the techs, and perhaps thats go's part why to explaining why other trades have a lack of respect towards tech JNCO's (and it's been like that since the year dot)

    Lets face it, posts like
    are not going to win you or you're trade any friends ?

  14. Daz,

    I'm a tech upgrader and who the Feck do you think you are to question my integrity. I have served in the same army as you for 6 years without a sinlge Regimental entry to date. I have always kept my nose clean but If I have ever made a mistake and got a punishment I have taken it on the chin just as I did when I was a sprog, that is after all the game that we all play. My only gripe is that I didnt expect to be treated as a sprog on my reurn to this place, especially when I have to give up so much of my own time to gain a fantastic civilian recognised qualification (oh and what did you get for yours a thank you and feck off???) that the army requires me to pass in order to progress in my own carear.

    I just cant stand pricks like you that are jealous of the accelerated promotion that we get and therefore more money and better job prospects on the other side. Tell you what mate GET OVER IT U USELES PRICK. If it botheres you that much sign off and go clean toilets some whre dick.
  15. Dont sit on the fence there tiprat, say what you feel. Anyway DAz sounds like a prime example of a biff tech anyway. Let me guess mate, decided not to be a tech because your trade gave you job satisfaction. Well ours gives us money and promotion. I'm very satisfied.