Cadre course

Advice needed on doing cadre course?
At present i hold rank of L/cpl ( local promotion )
i would like to know or be pointed in the right
direction to find out if it is in TA regs that a cadre
must be completed to obtain the rank.
Reason for asking is the regiment i'm in only run
one course per year, and have been told that
my stripe might be taken back.
Simple answer is yes, I have just completed my cadre course for R Sigs earlier this year along with some guys from my unit who had already recieved their tape as a local promotion. They were told in no uncertain terms that if they did not pass the course then they would have it taken away from them(although this is my regt - for concrete advice speak to your PSI/PSAO).

If your regt only runs one course per year then you shouldnt loose the tape until you have acctually been on the course and unfortunate/stupid enough not to pass it (going on my course you would have to be pretty stupid not to pass!!!).

If there are a few of you going from your unit then you could ask about the possiblity of getting together with some of the SNCO's and discussing what could be on the course. That worked for me

Hope this helps somewhat

If you want to know anything more PM me and ill see if i can help
solar_powered said:
Sorry forgot to add in signals unit
I did the cadre with 71 alongside two other potentials, back in March. I actually heard two things about the numbers of courses run each year. I too heard that it was once every 12 months, but then the training Major told us that it actually runs twice a year (March and November) but usually, the November cadres don't get enough interest so usually don't go ahead (or at least it didn't in 2005).

The course I went on, wasn't a "pass or fail" course, it was more of an evaluation by the board to see if the Unit's recommendation to promote us, was valid. If you've already been lucky enough to serve with a local promotion for an extended period of time (and not just to attend a course) i.e. "Acting LCpl" then so long as you don't majorly fcuk things up, they shouldn't take it off you. (remember, you're being evaluated, you've already "passed" to have been given local promotion). Speak to your PSAO, he should set you straight.

Hope this helps.
My regiment doesn't run cadre's but my one previous did (and ran on for Sgts aswell).

They don't teach much, just allow an indepent set of people asses your ability.
Our unit hasn't done one for years, when they did it was only over a w/e FFS!
Yes if you are Sigs then you have to pass a cadre to go from Lcpl to Cpl

If you trawl through army net the training objectives are all there

In theory they want you to do a weekend cadre for promotion to LCpl, then another pre dettys course for a weekend then a full 2 week cadre course.
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