Cadetship and commitment

I am in the first year of medical school on the graduate entry course and am considering a career with RAMC.

If I got a place on the cadetship, I understand I need to serve at least 6 years after F2. The thing that I don't understand is what exactly do I do in those six years? Will I get the opportunity to train up as a GP/specialise as my civilian counterparts would or would I be stuck in house grade jobs for six years before I could specialise?

Also, how hard is it to actually get offered the cadetship?

Many thanks.
After F1/2, you do your training at Sandhurst and your extra medical training, then a year as an assistant RMO. After that you go back into your S training... it's pretty much as though you were in the NHS, although you may be whisked away to lands hot and sunny :eek:) However, tours tend to be short, and you have job security for those 6 years - a friend of mine had problems getting a job, so was put in as a supernumerary.
Hope that helps!!
Which uni are you at btw? Feel free to PM me if you've any more questions.

Wyvern. x

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