Do you know of any TA units that attract a lot of cadets, we seem to attract very little considering the amount there are in the West Midlands.
If you do manage to attract a lot of cadets, how are you doing it?
My unit does a lot with our two affiliated cadet units. However, in the past 4 years we have had 2 cadets come through our doors. One was a 4* cadet who thought he knew everything and found that he didn't like going from being a big fish to a minnow practically overnight. The other seems to be a pretty well switched on kid who is about to go on the selection weekend.
The problem that TA units have regarding cadets is that the ACF/ATC/SCC/CCF are a springboard into the regulars, not the reserves and the unfortunate side effect of the TA giving lectures etc at units is that it fosters a bigger enthusiasm to join the regs in the cadets.
Those that do join the TA are usually mid-20s having got a career and realised that they liked the cadets so they will join the TA.
We have/had 3 Local TA units which seem to rotate between which attracts our Cadets, it started out the Artillery being the favoured choice, which then progressed to Infantry and the latest trend is the Logistics in another Town.

I can't shed light on why we pick which we go to though, although part of it is how we get on with Instructors that are in those Units, and how we get on with other Cadets who have gone to that Unit. I'm looking into the Infantry unit because it is a) closest b) more Field orientated (now the Artillery unit is gone... there's a clue for ya ;) ), and c) My Platoon's Instructors are from that Company.
Our local inf has once... other than that we dont see them. Its a suggestion I put down on the questionnare I got when I was doing the paperwork for enlistment in the TA. I'd of thought it would be a great recruiting place as lots of us dont go in the Regular Army for various reasons, still want to be involved in a military thing, but dont want to play wargames with 12 year olds anymore.
We get a few due to regt affiliation.

Some are proper morons though, and think they don't need to do any training as they know it all. They tend to get put right though.
We've recently had a few through the door due to us laying on some training targetted at the senior cadets (i.e. >17 years old). Hopefully some others will venture in as a result.

I think they like being paid £400 to go on a two week camp rather than have to fork out up to £80 to go! Its a bit of a difference!

But yep, the adjustment from "i was a Cadet SSgt"! Can be problematic.

ben0239 said:
Do you know of any TA units that attract a lot of cadets, we seem to attract very little considering the amount there are in the West Midlands.
If you do manage to attract a lot of cadets, how are you doing it?
If this has been mentioned before then I appologise....... Have you tried the following:

1. Visiting Cadet detachments - I'm sure they would enjoy the help
2. Helped with summer camps and training weekends
3. Invited senior cadets along to your weekends (to act as section members/enemy etc). I know of someone who invited some senior CCF to a weekend at the CAT in Warminster and ended up with some extra bods in the crews and some new applicants.

Another way is to speak to colleges who run public service courses and help them when you can - and whilst you are there explain about pay ect. This happened in our area an before you know it local TA centres are getting new people through the doors because thay are attracted to the idea of earning whilst being at college.
You may find that RFCA etc can get a sad on if you are seen to be actively recruiting from and possibly undermining a youth organisation (thats what i was told anyway).

However by putting in an appearance every 2 or 3 months has proved to work and now there is a pattern of transition from ACF to TA. Once the first ones joined, more followed. By looking after the first ones that joined (kit/admin/pay etc) the word went back to their mates and they gave it a thumbs up!
It has been noted that there is a reasonable pullthrough from the ACF into the regular Army, but that the same does not apply to the TA. Work is being done to close this gap but it takes time and some committment from the TA Units that house or are near ACF Detachments.

143 Be will be producing a list which will affiliate TA & ACF Detachments, and the Bde will follow up periodically to ensure that the ACF Detachments are not left out in the cold, so to speak. :frustrated:

We understand that there is a drop off in attendance with cadets when they reach about 15.6, as its not cool to be a cadet at that age etc. :thumbdown:

Thats fine for the regulars, because they can pick them up at 15.7 and enlist them at 16. We on the other hand can not enlist them until they are 17, this is too large a gap and so we do not attract these Ex Cadets, which is a crying shame, because most of them would make excellent TA Soldiers. :thumright:

TA Soldiers join the TA to Soldier, they don't join to become mentors to ACF Detachments, and that is understandable.

What we neede are full time recruiters within each TA Sub Unit, and it only needs two. they would then be resonsible for, recruiting for the Unit, Processing the TA Enlistee's mentoring the new recruits and establishing and maintaining links and good working relationships with their Cadets.

But we don't have the staff at the moment.

I'd welcome your thoughts on this??

Peace out :headbang: :headbang:

The unit i am part of is in 143 bde, and we have a permanent member of staff who works permanently in the recruiting team. Do you have the list of affiliations with TA and cadets in the west mids. I would be very interested in starting a partnership.
The list of ACF and TAC affiliations has not yet been published, but if you are looking to establish closer ties with the ACF. look no further than your TAC, most TACs house an ACF Detachment and I'm sure they would welcome any help, advice or support you could offer.

When the list is published it will filter down through the Regimental Operations Support Officers (ROSO) what used to be the RRRWOs

Most ACF units will have location statements detailing ACF detatchments and their DCs, their addresses will reveal if they are in TAC, but I would advise you to include those that are just huts as it would be a shame to exclude those that are not in TACs.
These Location statements are not usually produced on demand, if you get on ok with the DC then he will be helpful in giving those details.

If I am a DC of a unit that is the way I like to go, as long as there is a an equal trade, you bring goodies down, old military equipments that can take rough handling, an open day in TACs for Cadets, a joint evening, a sit down show and tell, anything interesting as these thing stick in Cadets mind, if they feel wanted and welcomed , they are likely to consider your unit as a first option before others.

the key to this is good working relationship, I have asked a few bods some are helpful, some rebuffed me, so that is what I do come up against.
The problem we generally have is that we share the barracks with an RLC unit, and up until last year, we were commando engineers, now we are para engineers..the training seems to put alot of the cadets off, they like the sound of becoming a commando/para, but the reality of the training really hits hard when they come on a drill night..hell, we showed a vid of one para course, as soon as they saw the footage of the guys milling, they decided to give us a miss and try the RLC
I joined (well, am in the process of) the TA from cadets, although not directly. I quit cadets because it turned into a pile of sh1t, what with health and safety, political correctness et al. I had to wait a few months before I was old enough to join tho, hence the gap. There are several reasons why cadets go Reg. Firstly, (don't shoot the messenger here) most cadets still look on the TA as weekend warriors, and not the 'real thing'. Many people join cadets because they see it as getting experience and preparation for the ATR, or going straight in. Also, we have a lot more contact with regular soldiers than we do TA soldiers. In all my (nearly) 5 years, I had contact with 2 TA instructors, as opposed to countless Regs. The standard of the TA instructors was excellent, but like I said, not enough of them. Also, my det had several visits from Regular Army recruiting teams, but nothing was ever mentioned about the TA. I have many friends who went from Cadets to Reg, but I am the only person that I know of in my entire battalion who is going TA

I think the TA just needs to make its presence felt more, I understand they don't want to be playing around with 12 year olds when they could be doing some real soldiering, but a few more posters, recruiting teams etc wouldn't go amiss IMO

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