Maybe AIs should do some sort of course/exercise to get some experience from the regs?

It may cut down on some of the scrotes that come in thinking they are great soldiers, just because they were a 10 star cadet or something before they joined.
I think thats a ip top idea, seriously do, im trying to organise it thru my Coy commander, because apart from what ive picked up i havent been taught fieldcraft or FAW or M&P, so yea im goin to push for it
Before you get all high and mighty Part time scrote . I been on few Cadet
summer camps , as a regular soldier ,you know helping out my units
cadets . A lot of hard work is put in by many adult staff . I would like to get involved when i finish in the army . However on the flipside there are
lots of AI SGTS who have just carried on from where they left off when
they were too old to be cadets . These are the knobs that give SOME cadet
units/Dets a bad name . The ones i have come across resented real
soldiers getting involved with there little power trip . Evn on simple things like putting cam cream on a cadet , the jumped up AI's would go on
about how the cadets did it different . Bottomline Part time sjt is shut the feck up , join the army then you can come out with all your abbrieveations
(shit spelling i know) .I have done 10 years and i dont know what the feck you are on about .
Paveway_3 wrote
Evn on simple things like putting cam cream on a cadet , the jumped up AI's would go on about how the cadets did it different
There are three ways of putting on cam cream...

1. Too little.
2. Too much.
3. Just right.

I know of no other way. Maybe they were upset you were moving in on their tail.
These guys were full on Navy Seals . (too much) Yep i understand
that its an AI's job to teach cadets this sort of stuff .Thing is we did
2 weeks at Beckingham camp purely to help the cadets and pass on
our knowledge . We ran the opfor for the cadets and took them on CTR's
ok it was a CTR of a local burger king at the services but still the kids
learnt how the army does things . Yet some of the AI's were a bunch
of jumped up little hitlers . Anyway this has been covered in depth before
In short the guys webbing is a load of bollacks .
There are cadet CSMs coming through as AI SGTS and still thinkin, they are Cadet CSM's, shouting at the kids and getting no where, i wasn't a cadet nor ex reg, once passed my ITC i did seem to fall victim to the power trip, but i sharpish realised shouting and bollocking kids got me no where and i now take a different approach to my teaching methods and also how i ask cadets to do something. Its not a case of me getting on my high horse im just pointin a few things out.
I've just rejoined the ATC as an instructor, I used to be a Warrant Officer, and I agree that kids just love to collect kit, regardless of whether they know, or ever have the opportunity, to use it. Mostly it's just a phase they grow out of, either by finding out the hard way that travelling light is far easier in the long run or just by getting the p1ss ripped out of them by their mates. There are the odd few however who stay on later as adult staff and make a very successful career out of being a tw@t. I know of 2 ATC guys (obviously there are many more, both ATC and ACF) who wear "greens" at every opportunity, one used to drive a Vauxhall Frontera chock full of kit and a "Range Emergency Vehicle" sign in the windscreen just under the amber flashing beacon. The other was once found buying groceries at a Tesco checkout in full '58 webbing and a 12" survival knife strapped, upside down, to the yoke strap! My point is, that the kids aren't always to blame when they have that kind of example to follow.

btw, I admit to wearing a G10 watch when I was in uniform. Does this make me a Walt as well?
NewAI said:
btw, I admit to wearing a G10 watch when I was in uniform. Does this make me a Walt as well?
No, but its the thin end of the wedge, and as long as you go no further, its okay. A watch will, after all, tell you the time. :D

A 12" survival knife gaffer-taped upside down on the yoke of your webbing just tells everyone you should be committed under the mental health act ASAP :x
btw, I admit to wearing a G10 watch when I was in uniform. Does this make me a Walt as well?
Makes me one too if it does. I wear mine in civvies with either my black and grey "James Bond" strap or my ARRSE strap.

Beat that for walting!

Good day to day beater of a watch those.
The thing that is the most amusing about all this that all of you have had nothing better to do than slag off this bloke for the last four pages.

I happen to be registered on that site. I joined it years ago when there were some interesting serving and ex reg characters around. Some are still there so I look in from time to time. This bloke/kid is very keen, granted, but he seems to take suggestions well and is keen to learn. He may be a bit of a Ray Mears Walt, but from what I gather he's actually fairly good at it. He'll probably be p!ssing on the rest of us when he's paid to do this stuff on TV.

Why waste your time ripping into him endlessly? He's not even here to see you do it!? Does this make you lot Anne Robinson Walts then?
Totally agree, ok , knives and Air soft pistols arent what the kid needs, but wheres the harm in him being keen?.....yep good point
I didn't rip into him, too busy defending my G10 Walting.

Personally I have no problem with cadets buying kit etc. A bit excessive in this case and the knife is illegal and worrying, but it's a organisation for kids to have fun learning military skills, so what do we expect?

It actually might be a bit Waltish to attack him too strongly?

Should any real soldier feel so threatened by a cadet that they have to go to the lengths of indignation that frequently graces these boards?
While I understand the modern soldier really needs to carry most of his admin stuff in a daysack, Cadets are left still fumbling around with 58 webbing, and we have to teach them to carry everything they may need.
Like KFS, 2 mess tins, shoe polish and spare laces.
I suppose this guy had a lot of time on his hands, and should have been directed to help juniors with his skills, rather than left to get ahead of himself. One day he'll find his webbing and cringe, we do have kids who are a bit keen, but these are a rarity as peer group pressure usually wins.
Although I feel it is OK to modify your kit to make it work for what you need. Likewise, there is nothing wrong in taking your skills learnt, and applying them when you are out of cadets.
First aid and map & compass, are all life skills, just as fieldcraft is to a lesser extent.
We teach them to think, and I teach them to only carry one mess tin and just a spoon, but our PAM's hark back to compo in tins.
We were all young once, and I remember digging a complex trench system in my dads lawn for my action men, much to my dads horror.
I also remember making crossbows with my brother.
I would not let a cadet carry a big knife.
I served for nearly ten years in the RA.
I wear my G10 when working.
Does that make me a walt?
right, the kid 'wow look at my old webbing' 'isnt it cool!'
think he mentioned he used it when he was in acf, has left & still now uses it for hillwalking. why does he not just get a civiy day sack which would be more comfortable than that '58 crap.
mind you, he's showing good drills there with what he packs in his belt kit-he could, if ambushed, dump his bergan & tab across the Iraqi desert to syria no problem with that lot! :D

OK CDTS, REALITY CHECK: You are cadets, no matter what happens on your weekend exercise (short of death), you are going home on sunday afternoon / night, not having to e&e & live off the land for a week or so.
(or don't they issue rations in the acf? :) )

whats with the 'crocodile dundee job ' knife then? the bb 'be a chav imitation & do a post office over' gun? (walt little t#at!)

the second kid; those appear to be some serious mountain conditions he was out in in scotland. by the looks of the pic's, the thermometer went down way below gibbering! was he sufficently trained to be there in those conditions? or equiped with the right kit for them?
you can just imagine the mountain rescue team leader on the news (looking like a cross between brian blessed & chrtis bonington like): 'he hadn't got a clue, no map & no b####y kendal mint cake'
this little idiot could could give responsible hillwalkers a bad name :(


Kit Reviewer
I don't know about the arctic hillwalker - my Grandparents live up by Castle Douglas and I remember a few years ago you could go and take photos like that around 200m away from their back door.

Not taking anything away from him if it's all legit - cracking attitude! But just saying that it might not be so legit.
BBear said:
I don't know about the arctic hillwalker - my Grandparents live up by Castle Douglas and I remember a few years ago you could go and take photos like that around 200m away from their back door.
fair one that if true in this case. though he does say something about getting dropped off & picked up in a different location after an over night bivi in some very 'Russian Front' like conditions.
thou if he has just walked a couple hundread metres from the road, thats a bit more sensible in those conditions.

yeah, you cant fault his can do attitude. far better than most of his generation just sitting at their pc's & playstations munching macyde's & vegertating (erm ........... bit like us really! :? ) :)
Christ Press it, I thought you were taking the mick with the arctic mumbo-jumbo! You're obviously serious! That's just a little frost, it's bugger all! You need to get yourself out to norway mate! :D

As for the kid, he's over-keen but as you say it's better than being another apathetic youngster.
it comes from seeing the yorkshire trg areas in march when you can only use issue kit, this when it was '58 webbing, temperate combats & rubber pu w/proofs (which we were not allowed to wear, as they russled too much)
and sennybridge lots, thankfully with a lott more decent kit these days :)

I want to get some travel in, but at the moment they wont send me anywear :(
some trips to norway would be good, escpecialy if we get a couple of over-nighters!

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