Only one set of webbing no chest rig as well? Of course from my vague memories of cadets completely nesscary :D .Wouldnt worry if he uses that knife for cooking microbes will cleanse the planet .
Its not like they get ammo to lug around .
Its the cadet way he just wants the kit because they don't get it issued. But before you slag him remember every cadet who is keen and enthusiastic at that stage in life is a potentail soldier of the future!

Just because he has more kit than we get issued how many of us go spend our hard earned at the local surplus store? - just because he got his parents to buy it for him - who is the fool him or us?

Cadets are Walts and Wannabees but then we were all that once or we would never have joined.

No dramas with cadets experimenting with webbing setups thats the time to try and you can't fault a bit of enthusiasm.

Including a Pistola in the pics is a bit Walt-ish though isn't it............
MY opinion for what its worth, As an AI i see alot of the keener kids buy webbing themselves alot ov my NCO's have their own, some even have assault vests, NO KNIVES or SOFT AIR/AIR PISTOLS are aloowed into the DET or away on weekends or other camps, but i think the kids are switched on if they buy it, some have more than the adults ( not me i give my old kit to the cadets) which i think shows willing.
Don't get me wrong I was once a cadet, I know how enthusiastic I was and also how much I enjoyed it but I didn't buy my own kit. I was happy with what I was given as really the longest we'd spend in the field was a couple of day so it was no big drama's, also I had more important things like White Lightning and 20 20 to invest my pocket money in!
haha hmmm well i see your point as i was the same, but not a cadet, but there is alot of compertitions these days and our county is crap for issuing kit, and kids find it easier to buy kit , mark it theirs and look after it more because its theirs. I have no problem with that, leaves the COY stores for the poor kids, seems logical to me
makes you wonder who is teachin these kids.
A great way to stop your identity being blown! I wonder if they practised any anti-interogation techniques in case they got caugth by any farmers as well.
The first kid has way to much kit, even if he is only "keen". The insulation tape over the cutdown ration sachets surely scream "WALT!!!!!"
Some AI who has never done a days service in the army is allowing
this young cadet to get carried away . Webbing is just Bullets and water
with a pouch for bits and bobs . Ok we cannot slag the kid off for
being keen , but his kit is crap
Does it matter at there age........really?
chocolate_frog said:
The first kid has way to much kit, even if he is only "keen". The insulation tape over the cutdown ration sachets surely scream "WALT!!!!!"

The black nasty on the screech packets could also be screaming

'I've only used half of it!'
Ahem ... :oops: ... for those who have failed to grasp the most important aspect, please may I bring your attention to his opening post:

Decided to post some pics of my beltkit which was used during my time in the ACF. The absence of ammo pouches is due to removal when it was used for hikes after I left the institution ...

Which means - he isn't a cadet ...

... quick tip if you're reading fella - get rid of the replica pistol and hitler-youth dagger and stop stalking about the countryside in quasi-military gear you fooking lunatic ...
In fact, to be honest, the pictures show roughly what I'd expect a cadet to be carrying/wearing (minus the pistol and BFOK, obviously !)

Webbing/personal survival equipment required will obviously be similar for cadet/OTC as it is for 'real soldiering' - again, minus the operational kit (ammunition scales, CWS, comms, ECBA, etc).

If it was a cadets webbing, fair play to him/her, just get rid of the knife FFS.
TT, I was actually referring to the packets of tea that he has in his "survival" tin, of which nothing is actually designed to save life.

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