Cadets thread: promotion selection

I have been selected for promotion on next friday ( field day) for cpl. --> sgt.
apparently the Oc wants to interview each candidate for promotion,
any other cadets who have had this interview or had to answer any questions for promotion? It seems a bit strange to me as I've never heard of this type of thing before. so any help on what type of questions I'm going to be asked will be gladly received.

We had a promotion cadre weekend for the first time in our 75 or so year history as a CCF. It was excellent with orders processes, command appointments etc... I was humbled at being made to act as a bod when I'm a CSM. It was excellent. As for the interview thing, it's prob just a, "Why do you wanna be a sergeant so much?" Blah blah blah. Don't sweat it.


"Fck this i rather join the Army" or somthing along them lines =)

Im joking man dont worry. With this it aint like reading a script. You have to do the hard work on your own.
Hm.. we don't need to request a promotion or anything like this at my detachment, you're good enough, as adults talk amongst eachother, it MIGHT be considered, and if the commandant thinks you're an educated, interested and intelligent young man that is responsible, such as myself, AKA. an asslick, you'll get it :p. If you don't deserve it, you get stick from your fellow cadets... but anyway.. enough about me, let's talk what to say.

"I feel I would put the extra responsibility to good use. I personally believe I can really make a difference to the county, adding my experience in a really effective way. I just believe i'll set an example to other cadets, and i'm hoping they'll be able to look up to me. I believe I can bring the other cadets to my standard.* Can I go now, this is a load of bollocks I am talking to get promotion and tell the other knobs below me what to do*. Thanks :)"
*Optional Extra*


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