Cadets this April

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Guys,

    Does anyone know the score with what is happening to ACF/CCF after April with regarding PTDS etc.

    I have heard that they are not being scrapped (despite what some of you may think about it). Lets have some mature posts please.

  2. Attending a Brigade SSIs conference tomorrow,its one of the questions I have to ask,will let you know
  3. Counties are to be funded on a number of cadets basis, strip out operating costs etc then remainder PTD's

    Our County are planning on 18.5 PTD's per AI

    If that helps

  4. Frimley Courses, AT courses etc paid out of central budget

    No claiming for things like detachment weekends only offical county organised events and NO like some of the Charlatans I work with here did, Claiming for Remembrance events and collections.

  5. And for CCFs
  6. Will be down to the brigade budget set for each school I believe
  7. would it matter to any of you if you didnt get paid?
    not having a dig asking a question
  8. Hmm, what do you want ot hear? Whatever is said will result in a barrage of abuse. Lets keep this thread on track.
  9. as i said i was asking a gen question,
    i can understand the Stabs like me not wanting to do it with out pay,
    and theres a similar argument amoung the AI, all be it a bit weaker (after all you there for the kids...)

    so if you didnt get paid would you still bother with it?

    what i would like to hear is that you would all be pissed off jack the adult weekends but carry on because after all its not about you its about the kids,

    but then again i herd plenty of stabs say its not about the money but still not turn up
  10. This is going off topic. All that was asked was about the results not the repercussion.

    End of
  11. Surely getting to fondle/fiddle with nubile young pre-pubescent boys and girls is reward enough?
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