Cadets kit for sale!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by aj2608, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Issue '95 'SAS - style' smock. As new. Size 170/96. £20
    '95 shirt. As new. Size 170/88. £10
    '95 trousers. cond. Size 85/84/100. £10
    Full set goretex. As new. Jacket size 170/112. Trousers size 75/96/112. £50
    Crap hat. £3
    Trouser twists. £1
    British army assault boots. cond. Size 5. £15
    Magnum assault boots. Used but in good cond. Size 6. £10
    Magnum Spider boots. Excellent cond. Size 6. £60
    2xOG side pouches with 2xyolk. £15

    I am 5ft7 and slim and all this kit fits me.
    Prices are negotiable.
    If your interested PM me!
    Thanks, Amanda
  2. Any worn undies?
  3. Unfortunately not.
  4. whats the reason for selling all this?
  5. Can we see a pic of you in uniform.
  6. Reason for selling is I have just left cadets so just looking to make a bit of cash!
  7. in this recession? or you could hand it all back to your CAA?
  8. Why??? But the looks of the list it isnt issued by the cadets and was bought by her....
  9. Yes most of it was bought by me. I'm just giving it a go, no harm in trying!
  10. Have you tried flogging it to other cadets in your detachment/county?
  11. Might be interested in daysack. Can you upload pic?

    Also.. can you post?
  12. Sorry Faustic, daysack is now sold.
  13. Try giving the stuff that wasn't bought by you back?