Cadets in training - insult??

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by quoll_1994, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Earlier on this year a guy who had been a CSgt in my company (RRF) joined up as a regular in the Air Corps. He was a great NCO and a loss to our company when he left but here's the thing - should he have had to do all the basic training in the regs considered how well qualified he was in the ACF??

    I know there is a lot of stuff that the regs do that cadets don't and there is a lot of stuff that needs to be advanced upon but what do people think about cadets who have served for maybe 5 years having to start right at the beginning of basic with dawgs who have never done anything military - eg chavs, foreigners etc etc. It seems like a waste and pretty valueless when most can already iron and do drill and the basics. Insult there????

    Is it the same if you join the STABS? Surely that should be a situation where you sould def be allowed to skip a bit of basic because it isn't that much different from older members of the ACF (NOT me BTW)

  2. Thoughts-yes, you're a knob and a Wah artist.

    Use a different rifle? Have different training standards? Do MATTS? Do you imagine civvies can't iron. Knob.
  3. Have you been sniffing the sherry again?
  4. Hmmm nice contriutons - did you just press random letters ROFL??

    Prior: I know there are differences in training but being in cadets surely gives u a head start? Plus I can iron, I have never failed a kit inspection and neither have any of my blokes whilst I've been sect comd.

    And MATTS???
  5. If he is that good then he will be noted by the Instrs as candidate for promotion, if not then tough

    by the way

  6. I take it wah means joke??? If so I can't see why u would even think that. This is a valid discussion to be having and I aren't joking!

  8. quoll_1994 is 14 years of age so not a WAH, but still a stupid observation.
  9. Hmmm....ok :roll:

    So what is MATTS?
  10. I had an action man once, I played with it every day and then I joined a wargame club. When I got older I watched lots of war filums.

    My qestions is if I join the armie shuld I have to do basics after all I have a keen interest in militry stuff and others don’t

    Any 1 agree with me
  11. I don't believe a kid in the ACF has the cheek to call TA soldiers STAB's
  12. nO - that kind of stuff is kid's stuff that does NOT repeat not equate to proper military training. That is not what I was refering to but I suspect u knew that already. I was refering to cadet training which at it's highest levels surely almost equals at least STAB level basic??
  13. If you don't know, you obviously need to do basic training. :wink:
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