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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Goku, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. While rushing to get my train tonight at London Bridge I saw a cadet mincing about in uniform that was in a shite state.

    No beret, scruffy hair, combat jacket looked like he just pulled it out from the bottom of his backpack.

    Are they actually allowed to walk around in public like that or was he just taking the piss, particularly at this time of the year when he should be taking a little bit more pride in his uniform?
  2. Personally i think they should be banned from wearing uniform. or atleast give them their own uniform. We (TA unit) make our recruits complete a certain amount of their training before they are worthy of wearing the capbadge. But then the cadets mince about picking their noses while wearing the same capbadge.

    Thing that really takes the biscuit is when on the recruiting stand and some woman tries palming her spotty kid off on you as they think the TA and cadets are all one and the same. :x

    finished my rant for now :)
  3. each county have different policies for issuing uniforms, in mine, we make them wait til they have completed their recruit course, which can take 8 to 10 weeks, (this gives us a chance to assess them as much as they are working out if they are suited to cadets) then must pass a recruit test and a Drill test before being measured up for their uniform, delivery can take a further 4 weeks and once issued they will given a lesson on Care and Reliability of Uniform and be expected to look after it, we have regular inspections every parade night to make sure they are up to standard.
  4. Thats all well and good but as GOKU has stated he spotted a cadet probably on his way to his cadet night at his detachment.
    You can teach them and you can withhold the uniform for a set period all you like but when your average Cadet is on route to or from cadets they are generally in rag.
    Cadets either need to change at the detachments or be instructed on how to dress whilst moving to and from cadets.
    It would be nice to see cadets wearing some sort of identification badges other than a brassard with maybe ACF enblazoned on the shoulders. Many a time have i seen older cadets take off their brassards and walt it up with either TA or Regs especially on parades or Recruiting stands.
    Ive been very surprised of late from the comments ive heard from Joe Public ref cadets.
    Comments ive heard such as "My there letting them in young nowadays" and "Will they have to go to Iraq even though there only cadets" show me actually how much the public dont differenciate between Regs TA or Cadets.
    I suppose also what doesnt help is when the Cadet Adult Instructors are a Bag of Shiate as well and trust me ive seen plenty.
  5. That’s exactly what irritated me.
    The way they dress and behave in public reflects on the rest of us.

    This particular cadet looked to be about 16 and should have been old enough to use an iron.
  6. be careful of generalising.

    not ALL cadets are like that,as i said before, each county are different, do not judge the ACF from one or two individuals, many are well turned out and do wear the ACF flash, I suppose there aren't ANY TA or Regular soldiers who haven't walked about looking like a bag of potatoes tied in the middle.

    the best solution is to find out which detachment these cadet are from and raise the COs awareness of the dress standards of the cadets, but be tatcful and polite, do not storm in and start shouting and screaming that would give them a poor impression of the Army as much as you complain about the poor impression of the ACF.
  7. Blame their leaders, my missus (sea cadet instructor) tore into a regular sqn ldr of a atc unit for smoking in uniform and being a general mess,and this was at a local fete, if only she knew my missus is also only a j/t in the raf!
  8. Oh dear, more of the same from the ACF. It's about time we brought to account those responsible for this at this delicate time.
  9. Perhaps a really distinct difference is needed for cadets - after all, they aren't 'mini-soldiers' but members of an MoD youth organisation!!!!
  10. Who's "Generalising".

    You can enforce dress standards all you like, the fact remains that on route to or from cadets cadets are usually in rag.

    Ref regs and TA in shiate order the difference is Agai 67 action for being in shit state in public.
  11. Battle dress for cadets :D .Cheap hard wearing practicle .Got no problem
    with cadets wearing gucci stuff when on exercise ,Should take pride in appearance though.Do they have barrack dress or is it 95 for all now?
  12. Simple but effective approach Goku: Next time you see an oik that is an embarrassment to the Colours, go speak to him - no need to grip him unless he gets uppity. Ask what Det he belongs to - easy by saying you have a son/brother/mate’s son etc who is interested. It is then find the Det Comd’s number in the phone book and give him a piece of your mind. Better still to phone the County Commandant – they really do love getting the ammunition to bog on a Det Comd. Might not achieve the aim but you will feel like you have done something!
  13. That really is a sweeping generalisation old chap. The subject has been discussed ad nauseam in other threads so perhaps you should go CFAV bashing there?

    As to the problem of cadets travelling to and from their parade night. As a Detachment Commander, I would welcome a phone call about a cadet who is projecting a negative image in public (in fact, as we a co-located with a TA unit, I do get regular feedback from their staff - both good and bad). Perhaps another approach would be to identify yourself to the cadet and have a quiet word about standards at the time?

    Without such information, there is little we can do other than attempt to instill a sense of pride in themselves and their uniform. Like it or not, the fact of the matter is the ACF are the local footprint of the army. Regular and TA are rarely seen in public and it is important that we project the right image.

    Any (constructive) suggestions to help us out?
  14. Not alone there GOKU, regularly I hear of CCF cadets from the local private school on the clockwork orange in Glasgow in rag order. Worse still as you go on to mention,my mates and ask me why they are allowed to get away with that standard. They find it funny going to my flat on tuesday night to see me doing my creases and boots to standard. One tuesday I spotted one and they are as described above but with the addition of civvy back packs (this one even once had mud on his boots and going up the backs ofhis calves) which makes them look like a bag of rags tied in the middle to put it politely.
  15. Was in ACF in London, uniform (top half) had to be covered when travelling, we paraded at a TA unit and used their locker room. Apperently one cdt was stopped by police outside Finsbury Park mosque on way home due to uniform.