Cadets getting paid! (or not...)


I know when I got my cadetship in August, the cadets who had commissioned in April hadn't been paid, and we were warned we might have to wait a while for our pay to come through. I suppose it'd be a bit hopefull to expect to be paid this month, but I was wondering if the April cadets had seen anything yet, and if so, if anyone has any idea when my lot might be paid... just wanna know how long I've got to make my loan last!


C x
I passed the board in Aug, had a delay with the medical and so did the paperwork filling-in in Oct/Nov time.
Money began to roll in the Feb/March following. Was all backdated correctly though.
Stretch that loan!!
Darn it! Guess I'd better not jack in the HCA shifts just yet then... and it
s not even as tho I can do TA anymore! :( (well, and get paid for it..)
i got cadetship in the april board, and recieved money for the first time in august. about 4 months after having signed all the forms. guess you might be looking at sometime just before xmas!! good luck with the loan!!

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